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Speed of gains question

Speed of gains question

Okay, sorry for the misleading title. I just wanted to ask you guys what you experience gaining has been.

Has it been slow and steady over the course of a certain routine? Or have you seen quick spikes in size for some reason or another? I ask because I’ve definitely seen spikes in size a few times - like in a week I’d get a visible increase on the tape measure that could not be a fluke, usually after starting a new routine.

Makes me wonder, how much of the “persistence is key” idea is really just bunk? Has anyone actually gained on the same routine after not gaining on it for a month? I got months without noticeable gains but then get spikes when I switch things up. Just think it is an interesting observation, that’s all. From all I know about plastic tissue deformation theory, this does not make scientific sense. I’d like to get other vets’ viewpoints on this.

Start: 6.6bp x 4.875eg, 2006: 7.2bp x 5.00eg (5.5 base), 2009: 7.6bp x 5.25eg (6.0 base)

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I think the key is finding your niche. Some people can stick with the same stuff for months and months. Some need to change every month. If PE was predictable, we’d all have donkey dicks by now. For me personally, my gains have come in spikes but then I lose them by not staying consistent or focusing on the wrong thing. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

I lost my 1/4 of an inch in length because I haven’t jelqed much in 2weeks or stretched and instead clamped alot. But yeah everyone now and then you need a good shock routine, always doing different things will do you no good and not consolidate any gains.

I’ve had a few growth spurts that generally came after 1-2 weeks off PE.

Strangely enough, on PE days my BPEL is less then my off days.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

The length gain came in spikes for me (even though my statistics maybe not prove that). It seems like most of the PE was to keep the penis ready for the gains which seem to come whenever I change the routine to a new exercise. Then the new exercise kind of cemented in the new gains and maintained them. Then when I felt ready, I changed again.

I think this is the problem for me when it comes to girth gains. Not much then clamping that seems very effective (but from pumping perhaps).

Historical graph since start including all Measures and Goals -

Start 2008-09-01: 5,9" X 4,5", 2012-03-31: 7,3" X 5.4" - Goal 7,5" X 5,5"

I notice a growth pattern. It seems like I gain for a week and a half, plateau for a week, then I start to see negative PIs. This is when I back off and down the vitamin C. I’ve only worked on girth and have gained a bit more than half an inch in girth over the past couple years. It’s slow but it’s definitely sticking.

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