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Speckled affect!

Speckled affect!

You may be aware from a couple of my posts, that I am taking a few weeks off PE, until my injury from extenders has healed.

The problem is that even after three weeks of no exercise, my specled pink dots on my forskin have remained. So has the darker colouring of the entire skin, except for the pink speckles. I don’t mind the darker colour, but I don’t want the pink speckles.

Has anyone got this problem? I expected them to go away after a while, so I’m getting worried that its scar tissue.

Please help a worried, fello jelqer out! Many thanks!

Re: speckles

Hey Gottagrow,

Taking time off is a good idea. I too have had the red dots and waited for them to go away. I started up again and they came back. I guess they weren’t completely gone but now they are. One thing, you say 3 weeks? I never had them more than 3 days. Has it improved at all? Is it just from jelqing? I hate to say this but you may want to have it checked out to be safe. Good luck to ya!

hmm. 3 weeks !

Dont want to worry you , but , this is something you should definately look into. If nobody else here has had a similiar experience that can help you, I would suggest a confidential diagnosis either online or by phone. If you have done nothing “exercise/masturbation” to keep yourself from healing, this is reason for concern.Maybe its the lube you were using.
Here is a link/phone #, for confidential advice.

“i dont think its toll free for phone advice, but there probably is something like this in your local area.Do the research”

I have had red dots a few times, and recently a bruise. I dont discontinue exercise and mine heal up within a few days.

Thanks for the advise. I’m gunna sit on it and see what happens when I resume PE, in 4 weeks time.

I will heat wrap it every day and see if that helps change the colouring in the mean time.

I’l moisturise it as well, to keep the skin healthy.

I really don’t want a speckled dick for the rest of my life, but saying that, it doesn’t look that bad, just really want to know whats causing it.

Anyone out there who knows whats causing this affect to stay so long?

Try boosting your intake of vitamin C as well - it really promotes healing. Vitamin E cream will also help skin and scar tissue. Take it easy.

lil1 :sun:

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Cheers my man! I take a strong vit supplement. I get about 400mg of vit C a day. Thats from supplement and diet added together. I might need more though as most of that will be used up in no time in a 275lb guy who weight trains. I should boost that if I want a surplase left over for injury healing aswell.

I’l now take 1400mg a day and buy some vit E cream.

Take care lil12big1!

If you ever want to try some strongman lifting or power work, I’l enjoy talking to you man.

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