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Specific Newbie Questions


Specific Newbie Questions

Hello. Just started pe about three weeks ago. Ok. I have a question about “normal jelqing”.
No ulis or special squeezes.

With regular standard jelqing, doing it with ok sign palms down, when you squeeze pull and get to the head, do you then release the head and then begin the sequence for the other hand? Or do you begin sqeezing shaft on the next stroke before releasin at the head with the other hand? In other words, Do you begin second stroke before the other one is completely finished?

One would refill the penis area with blood anew everytime while the other keeps the penis head engorged constantly - which is desired? Either or or do you use both kind of strokes?


Also, what does bone pressed mean with regards to measuring your dick? Is it ruler pressed agaist pelvic bone or is it ruler near beginning of dick with a kegel press or preferably a combo of both?

Sorry for all my questions - would appreciate any explicit answers.


PS My rouitine is 200 - 300 jelqs six days a week.

Personally, I have to let go with the first hand before I can begin with the next, because my foreskin gets pulled up towards the head with my hand. So, I guess you can do it that way like me, or maybe the other way would be better….. whatever feels better to you, there’s no set technique which is perfect. Experiment to find what works best for you individually.
Bone pressed measurements are exactly what you guessed mate, just push the ruler into the flesh till it’s clearly right up against your bone and wont go any further. I reckon (and many pe’ers would agree) that the bone pressed method allows for the most accurate measurements since if you only measure from the surface of the skin there can be fluctuations such as levels of fat, thickness of skin, how hard you press etc etc etc….

hope that helped and feel free to ask any more questions..


I vary it, but mostly start the next stroke before the last one is finished to keep the internal pressure up. i also vary palms up or palms down, with palms down giving the most pressure.

When you get used to it, you can go really slowly with both hands. But that’s not for beginners.

Hope that helps


Thanks guys

I’ve been reading some of the individual routines here and I’m beginning to think that I’m not doing enough. Do you guys think 200-300 jelqs (only jelqs - no warmups or stretching or hanging) 6 days a week can produce results? I’ve been doing pe three weeks now and it definitely looks and feels bigger but since I used a poor measuring technique initially I’m not sure if I have actually gained. I try to get it to 80% hard where I use slow 3 second jelqs with lighter pressure - as I fall back to 50% hard I use tighter-gripped jelqs. I did it the other day with a full hard on with a very light grip and it worked ok. I can see why however this is not recommended. You have to be very careful.

I think

a warmup might be a good idea.


Warm up

Try warming up by running warm water over your penis to open up the blood vessels and allow it to swell with extra blood. It also gets your penis primed for the exercises. It will make the regimen more effective and feel better while you are doing it.

I will

try that - thanks. One last jelq question. When jelqing, do you pull it out from your body straight ahead or do you pull it downward?


Jelqling technique

Most of the time I find that I can get a much better pull if I do it downward. It seems there is more elasticity in my penis by pulling down. What do you do. Do you use a lube or dry jelq. I have tried both ways lube and dry. It seems like either way works well for me. But definitely pull downwards. It feels better and as though something is really happening. Good luck. Hope you get your gains.

Warm Ups

Another useful way to warm up is to use a sock filled with dry raw rice, (tied off) and warmed in the microwave for a minute.

I use two and kind of wrap them around everything keeping the heat away from my balls.



Well I jelq it in different directions but I think I will now stay with a downward motion as jelqing straight out kinda hurts a little. I also find just taking a watch and jelqing for 10-20 minutes instead of counting jelks works better for me. This way I can focus on doing each jelq for 3 seconds. I’ve also decided not to care too much what state of erection my dick is in when jelqing becaue otherwise I have to start and stop and if you are start and stopping you are not doing much jelqing. If it is very erect I get gentle - more flaccid and I get mean (lol). I dry jelqed the first week but now i use ky jelly. Vaseline works the best for me but it is difficult to clean off. I keep the water running so when the ky gets weak, I do a quick grab for some water to reslick. I use vaseline for the long 30 minute day.

It’s weird. I think this jelq thing really works. I’ve been doing it only a few weeks, 6 days out of the week for about 10 minutes each day (about 200 jelqs) with one day out of the six for 30 minutes (600 jelqs) and I swear it is definitely bigger. I’ve been reading all the links on this site and unfortunately I’ve discovered that I am a “shower” type. My dick is easily 5 inches long flaccid and it looks like I am hung but only gains about 1.5 - 2 inches when erect. It is pretty thin as well at 4.4 inches. But it has definitely thickened since beginning which is great. I think width is far more important than length but length is good too.

To be honest, I dont like bone press measuring because i feel like I am cheating cause then my dick is a whole inch more then my usual measuring technique reveals. But I guess it is more accurate and that is the point…

Well, anyway, I have always been very, very hungup about my dick size even though I’m bigger than what most would consider to be “small”. So for me, this jelq thing has helped a lot so far….

Your exercise program

I do a similar program. I really have become so used to jelqing downward with my left hand that I find it difficult to really change. When I saw the changes occur it really encouraged me to continue. I guess that is why after 22 months I still look forward to each jelq session. I have read that if your penis is relatively long like yours is in the flaccic state that when it becomes erect the size is less noticeable than if it were otherwise. Maybe that is whay you only see the 1.5 to 2” difference. Mine hangs about 5 to 5.5 flaccid and goes to 7.25 erect. If I bone press it will be 7.375 which is only 1/8” of an inch different. Interesting phenomen yesterday. When I was stretching to begin my exercises, my flaccid stretched out to almost 7”. I have never had that happen before. It will be interesting to see if that happens again. I wonder if that is a result of the penile tendon stretching and allowing it to get longer. It really surprised me. You might want to incorporate some uli exercises to start getting some thickness. It sort of balances everything out and makes it look better when it is erect. I am trying to get some more gains in the head area. I find that the most difficult. I am about 6.25 to 6.5 around and actually that is fine with me, but the head is more like about 5” around when erect. Hopefully the gains will come over time. Talk later.

Why we measure both BP and Non BP

It’s certainly true that “visually” the NON BP length is what someone else sees, and is the sensible measurement that you would have in your mind as to what size to claim for anyone’s dick

The problem with NON BP lies with us guys who are measureing a lot for PE reasons —- to see if we are getting any gains.

There is a lot of error with reproducing the non BP meaurement.

Reasons is that —- for most people, ——excepting only for those with VERY little body fat——- , unless you tatto a line on your skin and always measure from that point, how do you know where the “zero” point for the ruler should be?? You could easily be out by 1/4 inch each time.

The Bone Pressed measurement at least gives you something solid to push the end of the rule — with any extra wood or plastic past the zero point suitably ground back to zero, of course.

Then you can think about the other issues such as if your dick is more or less engorged than the last time, if your dick bends down a little as I do, whether to straighten it up against the rule, whether there is any error in doing that, etc etc.

Measurement of the penis just aint exact, but measureing BP takes away one of the biggest sources of inaccuracy.

Newbie— I agree that jelquing for time is better than for number of strokes. You go crazy counting.

Watching some porn helps keep you hard — flick to TV program if you’re too hard —and with all that you wouldn’t want to be counting strokes.

Also— 5 iches flaccid is only just a bit shorter than most surveys say is average erect length. 7 inches plus erect is very respectable.

Is the 4.4 inches girth erect? If so you could work on that a bit. Mine is about that flaccid, and about erect girth 5 -5.5- 6.0 at the base, so I need to work on girth too, but am still mesmerised by length. I’m just over 8 but want want 9 inches NBP. My full stats are all at the PE Forum — Progress reports

:-) :-)


Which do you guys think is better - palm up or palm down for jelqing? Palm down does seem to allow you to get to the base easier but i find I have a lot more control with the squeezing with palms up and can see what I’m actually doing. Any thoughts? Maybe it should be done both ways?


Definitely palm down.

I have tried both ways. I use my left hand palm down. I can maintain the semierection that way and I seem to get the most benefit from that method. I try to pull straight down so that I feel the tendon pull and stretch. I find the exercise much more enjoyable that way.

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