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Specific Newbie Questions


Hi. Thats interesting. I’ve been considering using my right hand only because oddly, for some reason, when I jelq with the left hand, I can feel the ligament or connective tissue slip and cause a slipping sensation, like it is being pulled out - I don’t like that feeling. It doesnt hurt at all but it creeps me out - like im gonna pull it off one day. It might be the the different angle or maybe I pull harder with the left hand but I think I’ll try right hand only - I can pull and squeeze as hard as I want without any weird internal slipping sensations.

You’ve had good gains right? Have you always done it with one hand?

Another question. Has anyone ever tried a day on day off routine kind of like a weightlifters routine? Because if the gains come on the day off why not make more days off? Obviously, these 5 days a week two days off has worked for a lot of people but I was just wondering……


Gains and such.....

I have pretty much always jelqed with my left hand. For some reason when I try to use the right I have a tendancy to irritate my glans with the palm of my hand, whereas with the left hand it doesn’t come in contact with the glans. Yes, I have had great gains. I started around 5” erect and am now 7.25” erect and 7.375 if I bone press it. My girth went from 5-5.25 to 6.25-6.5.

Girth can vary depending on how erect I can get it. I am very happy with the gains. I would like to get to 8” erect, but I might be asking for too much. I am not going to worry about it. If it gets there great, if not it is ok too. But one more thing. The flaccid has really increased. I stretched the other day and measured flaccid stretched 7”. These exercises really work. You just have to stay with them and remain focused on what you want to obtain. It is like anything else you want in life. You have to work to get it. Kindest regards and best wishes.

Thanks for your help. I’m at 6.25 as measured from the base the way I do it (almost 7 measured bone pressed - i get a dramatically different measurement from my way to bp) and very thin at about 4.5 around. My goal is 7” solid length and 5”around. I would be very happy to achieve this. I’m not that far but it will take some real growing to get there. Anyway, I’m gonna use a single hand only approach (right hand) 15 minutes a day 5 days a week and I’ll check in again to update progress. Just from the three weeks I’ve been doing it I can say it has definitely gotten bigger in all directions.

Thanks for your help/advice.

Take care.


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