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Speaking to Big Gainer soon

I can no longer doubt!

I had to tell you guys this story! I just got back home from the “weigh-ins” for a big youth wrestling tournament that my son is in this weekend, when I ran into an unlikely person….

Months ago, I posted about a guy I went to school with who admitted to me – many years after we graduated – that he did PE. In fact, he’s the only guy I know in real life that has ever admitted this to me. We went out drinking after running into each other for the first time in years. Before the drunken night was over, he scribbled his “routine” on a stained napkin for me. It consisted of 7 days per week, jelqs and SO stretches, with both hands. And some kegels, if I remember correctly. He told me that he increased his wood from 5” to 7, then quit at his wife’s insistence. He told me that even after years without PE, he was still “about 7 inches.”

Anyway, I ran into this guy at the weigh-ins, with his son. Neither of us is in the same school district that we went to, nor does his son attend school with my son, but this is a multi-area meet – so he was there. We started bullshitting when I asked him where his wife was. He said, “Not my wife anymore.” I said, “Oh, sorry to hear that.” He said, “I’m not sorry to tell you.”

After a while, we were in the locker room area when he said to me, “You remember that shit I told you about the dick exercises?” (of course I do!). But I casually remarked, “Oh, yeah, that’s right.” He then said, “Well, I’m back at it!” We laughed and I asked him what he was trying to do. He said, “A 10-incher.”

Well, he began explaining that when he resumed, he quickly got over 8” but the gains slowed a little. Now he’s “near 9,” he said. I expressed skepticism, but then he walked over to the urinal and – obviously showing it off – proceeded to take a piss. He was clearly at least 7” flaccid, and thick – and it was very flaccid (wrinkled looking, and hanging straight down, he practically peeled the shaft away from his scrotum).

After he finished, I quietly said, “Damn.” I had noticed that several other guys in there were also looking with envy at his elephant’s trunk. He expressed complete confidence that he would hit the Big Ten – thereby doubling the erect length he started with.

I said, “So, tell me how you did this!” As he related his “comeback” routine, it was similar to the first routine – 7 days per week, jelqs (which he calls “milking”), and SO 2-handed pulls (although he did describe rotary cranks this time). However, the main difference is in the crazy volume he now does…

[I quote]: “Well, I milk it each morning for at least 45 minutes, until my cock is blood-red; then I take a break, and my hands are pretty cramped up. After about 10-15 minutes, I do at least another 30-40 minutes of stretching…” (here he described the rotary cranks)…. “and then I repeat the routine before bed – but sometimes I’ll milk it for an hour and stretch for 30 minutes to an hour, if I’m feeling good and not too tired.”

That’s 7 days per week.

I ran the numbers through a calculator and it seems that he’s doing 90-105 minutes of jelqing, and 60-100 minutes of stretching – 7 days a week (according to him). That’s more than 10 hours of jelqing & about 9 hours of stretching each week! My totals have never been anywhere near that crazy shit.

Is that what the hell it takes? :(

But I damn-sure remember him from the high school showers. He was an athletic kid with a little nub (a worse flaccid than mine!). Now his flaccid is almost my BPEL – that sucks! Knowing him, he’ll get his tenner – and probably keep going (before I even hit 8). <sniff, sniff>

He also mentioned that he takes a daily multi-vitamin & drinks a lot of cranberry juice (don’t know if that does shit). And he tries to run 3-4 days per week – but doesn’t have the time he used to with all that PE.

Clearly, this guy has added about 4” EL – and counting. And I cannot doubt it.

- w a d (holding a wad of Kleenex to his eyes)

Man don’t be sad, this kinda shit gives up hope. That’s an amazing post. How many years has he been at it?

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How long did it take him to get his 4” gains? You said he it was kinda off and on, just trying to get an estimated time frame.

Hell, you should’ve told him about Thunder’s Place. It’d be great to have him here to tell us about his PE career. Since he’s been at it for a good while, he might be able to help our aound the place, too.

Regardless, I thought this was a great story and I’m glad you shared it with us. As Gandolf says, it’s nothing to about which you should feel sad. It gives hope.

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Great story wad!


If I remember correctly, there have been other posts about how lots of volume is required to make the big gains. I know Bib hung for pretty much the whole day, DLD used to stretch almost all damn day, YGuy told me he hangs for 12 hours a week, Dino hangs something like 10. No doubt about it, you’re munching the minutes on this little hobby.

He didn’t happen to mention roughly how erect he does his jelqs at did he? I’d also love to know what kind of girth he’s pushing.

>> “Man don't be sad, this kinda shit gives up hope. That's an amazing post. How many years has he been at it?”

His gains can certainly be encouraging, but if he was being straight with me about the hours he PE’s….are you willing to PE for 16-20 hours per week? I know I’m not.

>> “How long did it take him to get his 4” gains? You said he it was kinda off and on, just trying to get an estimated time frame.”

The first time we discussed this, he told me that he got his first 2” in “about a year.” He then quit PE because his then-wife didn’t want anymore length. I gather that he had quit for several years. He didn’t tell me exactly when he started up again, but he said that he got to 8” quickly, but then the gains slowed. Since he got 2” in his first year, and he called this recent 1-inch gain “quick,” I would guess that it didn’t take him more than 5 or 6 months to nail that inch. He also said he’s “nearly 9,” but I don’t know how long that recent growth took (I’m unclear about how long he separated from his wife prior to their official divorce). I’ll see him over the weekend at the tournament and, hopefully, ask him some more questions.

Originally Posted by Antistar
He didn’t happen to mention roughly how erect he does his jelqs at did he? I’d also love to know what kind of girth he’s pushing.

No, he didn’t mention anything about his “milking” technique, except on that first night he told me about this, and he gave just a general description.
As far as girth, he didn’t seem interested in mentioning any measurements - if he even measures girth. But I’m a hair over 6” EG midshaft, but his flaccid wasn’t quite that thick. I’d say he looked about 5.3-5.5” flaccid midshaft girth. I’d bet he’s definitely over 6” girth when erect - especially since he says he’s near 9” EL.

And KOG, I couldn’t bring myself to mention this place. I’ve never even told him that I do this (only referred to it briefly a long while ago). I’m rather frustrated with zero gains….for how many months now? :(

Originally Posted by wadzilla
are you willing to PE for 16-20 hours per week? I know I’m not.

The only thing his history tells us is that he is dedicated and consistent.

If 7days/20 hours got him four inches would 7 days/10 hours given him two?
It’s impossible to say. I think that his dedication is the key.

lucky bastard

Wad - You should “come out” to him and invite him here to TP. Even I, a guy who hasn’t done much PE since last July, got some motivation with your story of his fantastic gains.

I have to say that it’s pretty hard to see myself jumping from one conviction to another several times a week.

Less is more - high volume - off-days - no off-days …..

I mean, yesterday I was so damn sure that a little stretching, jelqing and some reverse kegels would do it.

After reading this I really feel the need to jelq the whole night and to stretch the hell out of it!!

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This is a fascinating post. That guy really must have been focused and dedicated. By the way what are SO pulls and rotary cranks?

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SO pulls are straight out pulls, 90 degress from the body. Rotary cranks are pulls that start as straight out, and then go in all directions (left, right, up down, attempting to “hit all the angles”).


Try to find out if he is dry jelquing or not, etc. etc.

This is fascinating because it is an eye-witness account of successful PE by another person.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG


See if you can get him to come on board. I believe you need that much effort to continue to get length gains after your early fast gains are done. But for girth I know I don’t need that kind of effort but I think people are different and you have to find the program that works for you.

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Sorry but this story sounds like a boy fantasy comic strip circa 1958’ from “the Fantastic Four”. I’m not buying it. People have to be very desperate and very gullible to beleive this level of storytelling imo. If thats someone’s fantasy than fine but please.


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