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Speaking to Big Gainer soon

How did this dude find out about PE?

I think some folks are just born with common knowledge about this stuff. I must be stupid. I was 47 before i heard or even thought about it.

Other than the pills and torture units advertised everywhere.


Thanks vs, but I was kind of hoping to find out form Wad how this guy discovered PE.

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Any new information wadzilla from the big gainer?

Awaiting to hear the new interview.

The only dumb question, is the question not asked. Goals: 7" Long not bone pressed 6" Girth

Don’t forget to take a ruler and measuring tape wad. A digicam might come in handy, too :D

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Whatever happened to this thread? I’ve been waiting to read what Wadzilla found out about this guy.

Originally Posted by madduppz
Whatever happened to this thread? I’ve been waiting to read what Wadzilla found out about this guy.


I think Wadzilla might be gone for a while. Frankly, I hope he finds what he is looking for. His stories were always interesting but he definitely sounded like a man with over bearing problems. I can definitely sympathize with him.

Sorry for the delay. I promised to report back - and I will tonight, in full.

Hey wad, Glad to see you are still with us…….


I’ll be waiting anxiously.


Me too!!

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As part of your transformation, maybe you could fess up to this guy that you do PE, but without the success he has had. He might divulge a lot more details if he knew you were really trying to reach the goals he was, and were being honest with him. I think people can tell, even if they cant put their finger on it. But I understand that at this point if you direct him to thundersplace he will eventually come across all your posts on him and you might have some explaining to do. But who knows, he might even know about this site already.

So even if its too embarassing to do this, maybe you could get his email and ask if you could contact him with questions every once in a while. Tell him that you are trying out the exercises he mentioned and you were wondering how hard your dick should be, does he cool down while stretching at the end of his workout, etc. etc..

Several people have expressed appreciation for your sharing of his workout regimen with us, and I want to add I appreciate as well. On the other hand he just might be pissed that you shared all his info on the internet without telling him. I dont want to spoil things and I dont want you to back out! That’s why I think in the end its easier just get on the level with him.

Just a thought, Skinnee

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