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Speaking to Big Gainer soon

Great Stuff Wadzilla. I’m always eager to learn more interesting things about PE.

Comin’ outta the shadows again for the first time in months.

Keep us updated on this- for all we know this guy might be able to correct things we think that are totally wrong.

I am very looking forward to this. DO you happen to know his previous size, how much he gained .etc? Also does he hang, ADS, pump, or just manual PE?

Good idea Wadzilla, it is very kind of you to make this effort to collect and share experiences that may come as a surprise to us.

Cheers to you!

Originally Posted by Magus
I am very looking forward to this. DO you happen to know his previous size, how much he gained .etc? Also does he hang, ADS, pump, or just manual PE?

He went from 5” EL to 7” EL, then quit at his then-wife’s insistence.
After their breakup (they’ve since been divorced), he went from 7” to 8” EL.
When I last asked him about PE, in March 2004, he said he was “almost 9.”

He only did manual exercises - I managed to dig up 2 old threads about him: Part I (Jan. 11, 2004) and - Part II (Mar. 5, 2004).

I did gather some info about his workouts, as you’ll see - but not enough to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to really ask him about those 10 questions I mentioned in the opening post of this thread.

- w a d

Hey Wadzilla,

Very encouraging as usual.

Please allow me to ask one question that I can’t seem to figure out.
What is a SO stretch?

Thanks for the post and thanks for your time.


Oh, and BTW,


Man, that picture speaks a million words……….


Yes, Definitely keep us posted!


We will all be anxiously awaiting this guest interview.

“I gained 2 inches, quit because the SO demanded it, tossed her out and put on another inch, and I’m still going”…..

Damn I gotta know how!

Yeah, I bounce around from avatar to avatar, but I can’t bring myself to change that one yet. I may stick with it. That image does sum up “success” with PE. :)

SO is an abbreviation for “straight out” (i.e., 9:00).

Wad, what about “Baseball bat” shape?

I’m very interested to find out more from the big gainers, and more so in this case because these were made over time and were not simply newbie gains.

I think you should also tell him about the forum and welcome him to share his knowledge and experience directly with us all.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

You know, Wadzilla………

I practically get a boner when I look at that picture. That expression is just HOT…….


Wad, the world’s most famous PE detective is on the case.

I’ve played the part of a PE dunce with him; he thinks I know nothing about PE or internet forums, etc. He also thinks that my starting size is “about 7¾ inches,” lol (which prompted him to say last year, “hell, you could hit 10 or 11” - yeaaahhh, right). I don’t want to spill the beans, then I’d come off looking like a major weirdo.

I’m not sure this guy would even come to a forum like this. He works with computers all day for a major food distributor (I think he’s a systems analyst); I doubt he does much surfing when he’s home. Especially if he really puts in 19 hours per week of PE (of which I’m a little skeptical). He’s also an avid jogger and his kid wrestles in tournaments everywhere.

He never mentioned baseball bat effect; nor, as I’ve said, have I ever seen him erect. So, I don’t know. He does do a lot of stretching, which can even out the unit by taxing the ligs/pubis region. In fact, when I was doing mad stretching in the past, I was actually getting “tree roots effect,” which is common to hangers. My unit is more of an inverted baseball bat. I can’t imagine my midshaft ever exceeding my base girth - which is > 6.5”


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