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Sparkyx and hard gainers

Sparkyx and hard gainers

I was wondering if anyone has transitioned from a hard gainer to an regular/easy gainer. If so, what changes in routine/penile response did you notice as you were making your gains? Were you taking any supplements and if yes what were they?
Did you make any major lifestyle changes(stress/exercise/diet etc related)?

As I was reading Sparkyx’s PI thread, he states “It may turn out for most of us, (like in bodybuilding) have a fairly NARROW window of response.”

I believe this to be true, although I have yet to hit on that narrow window myself. I am a hard gainer and after several years of PE(the last two years strict routine) I have gained approximately .25” in girth and .25” length.

Stormy are you doing manual PE? If your a hard gainer like myself, I think manual is a waste.hang.I’m such a hard gainer that I’m at 22 lbs. BTC hanging and I’m not sure I’ve gained.How hard of gainers have there been before? I know mygoal is a hard gainer, but he has a bigger unit, how hard of a gainer do you think I am? Do I have to get up to 40 lb

Good advise: “If you are an hard gainer, do hanging because manuals are a waste - in fact, I’ve done hard hanging and gained nothing.” :thumbs:

Marinera you should have just kept going up in weight and kept up your conditioning til you gained, who knows maybe you needed to hit like 35 lbs. LOL…..cause your going to have to re-start whatever angle you were doing, and work your way up in weight again…I don’t care if I have to hit 45 lbs. at some point I will…I think my dick must be growin’ now I’m at frickin 22 lbs.

failure is not an option….I will go up and up, til the gains come! I said I was a hard gainer, not a no gainer!!!!LOL….I doubt theres any dudes out there that have hung 45 lbs. off there dick for a month or three months, 6 sets a day and not gained? LOL

I think you should read some basics threads on hanging, pauly. The Hanging 101 is a good starting point.


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