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Sore hands Tired Fingers

Sore hands Tired Fingers

Hi guys.

Unfortunately it seems my hands and fingers get more tired than my penis when jelqing and stretching, and its really affecting my motivation to PE. Whenever I hold a stretch, my fingers get painful where im grasping my dick, and alot of the time I give up strecthing for that session because I can no longer pull on my dick because of the pain. The same applies to jelqing but to a lesser extent. I had done a search previously and have read about numerous aids in maintaining a grip and currently i use baby powder, but no matter what i use i cant help placing too much stress on my fingers when stretching and the pain becomes overwhelming. Does anyone have a similar experience and knows of a way to over come this?

In theory hanging could help. Also some people use a power-jelq due to similar reasons as you are complaining about. Maybe those simple hand strengthening grip devices from a gym supply store can help out?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

How long do you hold the stretch for? To be effective, you really only have to hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

During my jelq routine, I take a 20-30 second break every 5 minutes to shake out my hands. I think it actually has a positive effect on my jelq results also.


Im keen in trying hanging and have made a wrench, but for the life of me i cant seem to get the thing to stay on, as im uncut and wrapping is a bitch to get right. But i will keep on trying. Im thinking about buying a Power jelqing device as well.


Ive experimented with how long I hold the stretches for. If I hold the stretches for 2 mins each or 1 minute each, it doesnt really make a difference. However I will try only holding for 30 secs. By the way, ive never heard that you only need to hold a stretch for 30 secs, I always thought the longer the stretch the better thats why i aimed for 2 minutes holds.

You’ve got a lot of options here. The easiest is to just break up your routine into ten minute sets with little breaks in between. After a while, your hands will strengthen. You can also do a little move where you slide your penis into the point where your fingers connect to the hand proper and put the stress there. It should allow you to stretch a bit longer. You could also build yourself a captain’s wench.

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