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Sometimes when Im stretching very hard I feel like a heart attack is on the way

Sometimes when Im stretching very hard I feel like a heart attack is on the way

Is it possible ? Damn Im kinda scared. When Im pulling out my dick I hold my breath and try to apply 100% of my body strength. Often I get dizzy while doing it. Could it be a health threat ?

Breathe, Nitro. You’re supposed to keep breathing. Try that and see if it makes a difference.



Originally posted by avocet8
Breathe, Nitro. You're supposed to keep breathing. Try that and see if it makes a difference.

Thats right Nitro Breathe you wouldn’t run holding your breath or lift weights so don’t PE holding your breath.


the reverse kegel is essentially what we call a valsalva manuever.

in addition to relaxing the pc to allow piss and shit and good stretches to take place, the blood pressure may rise some. Get your blood pressure checked out, see a Dr. PE doesn’t cause heart problems but elevated BPs during a reverse kegel could unmask previously undiagnosed heart problems.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Ehehe cmon guys, of course I breathe during the stretch. The thing is that I hold it for around 5 secs to allow a more powerful pulling, thats all. I think it has more to do with the ammount of the body resources I use in order to get the best stretch AND GRIP. Thinking about it now I think I realize that I deliver more power to my hand/fingers than to my arm, so maybe the grip is the thing to blame.

Oh and did I mention that I do all this while contracting my pc muscle as hard as I can? Creppy…

Sometimes whenever lifting weight I get my heart rate up to high and end up throwing up.

Sometimes whenever I PE I sweet as though I had been working out.

I agree you should have your blood pressure checked if you’ve never checked it. Do you have problems if you do physical excercise?



Why don’t you just hang ?

Hey guys Im sorry I think I exaggerated on the title of the thread. Im 20 years old and my health condition is pretty good. What I meant with this thread is that stretching gets all my body resources, just like a ultra heavy workout session, nothing more.

Phat9, I dont hang because of some reasons
1. I dont have money to buy a bib (my job doesnt pay me I live at my parents expenses, maybe I will try to save some money during the year and buy one)

2. Its not practical for me

3. I feel like I dont need it right now since my gains are relatively good. Maybe if I reach the plateau I will consider hanging.

Sorry guys I didnt really mean that a heart attack was in the way, it was more of a figurative thing, Im sorry, English is not my birth language.


The replies you got to your overstatement reflect a humanity that is heartening.


I hadn’t heard the term valsalva maneuver. Thank you.


In addition to the cardio aspect of the valasalva there is this.

Somewhere in my reading here today, I remember a post regarding loosening of arterial plaque in the penis during manual stretches.

The following is from a definition of valsalva maneuver.


The patient may feel dizzy or faint during the procedure, but serious consequences are rare.
There is a risk that the Valsalva maneuver can cause blood clots to detach, bleeding, and abnormal rhythms originating in
the ventricle. It can also cause cardiac arrest. Consequently, the procedure is usually performed in a setting
where emergency equipment is accessible.

The full definition proved very informative:

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