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Something New

Something New

I am not sure if any of you guys have tried this, but I did this morning and it seems to have some serious potential. While jelqing, I used the thumb and forefinger of my opposite hand to squeeze the head of my penis. After performing only a few repetitions, my penis looked huge. I guess the additional pressure from squeezing the head resulted in greater expansion. The first time I tried this, I wasn’t using lubricant. Once I lubed up, it was quite difficult to perform. I am uncircumsized, so I am able to jelq just through the movement of my foreskin, and that makes this exercise much easier. Anyways, I am going to try this new technique for a few weeks, and see how it pans out.

It’s called a horse squeeze,Elijah,but it’s the thought that counts:)

But be very careful with this excercise because it can lead to injuries if you don’t take care.

The Horse 440 squeeze works by expanding the tunica laterally via displacing of blood in the penis. Get a fairly good erection and place one hand firmly around the base of your penis so that no blood can escape. Then, loosen your grip and kegel in blood and clasp the hand at the base to keep the blood from leaving. Do this until you have a very firm erection, then form a tight “OK” grip with your other hand and slide it down over the head of your penis (remember to keep the hand at the base clamped tightly as you do this so that no blood escapes the CCs). What you are essentially doing is displacing the blood in the glans so that you can use the added volume to force the tunica to expand laterally. Because of the extreme amount of internal pressure involved in these exercises, they are often used in conjunction with jelqs where every X number of jelqs is followed by a horse squeeze (read as: be VERY careful with these).

A horse squeeze differs significantly, although it is a similar concept I guess.

Yes, it is an interesting jelq variant, that one. I’ve never figured out quite why it seems to give so much extra pump.

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I like seeing the veins popping out when I do a Horse 440. You end up seeing veins that you didn’t know existed, but eventually will be noticeable (hopefully!). I’m one of those guys who thinks veins look cool on my unit.

I never asked my wife if she thinks so or not, but usually, the lights are off for sex, so I guess it wouldn’t matter with her.

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