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Something doesn't add up


Something doesn't add up

I personally have gotten gains from lig- stretching. 6.75 bpel to 7.5 bpel. I am done with stretching and hanging, those days for me are over.

Many people on this site, and on the internet in general claim great results for length from jelqing ( not just newbie gains that come from making your erection stronger). But how is it that you can get gains from stretching straight out/hanging at high angles but can also get lengths results from jelqing?

Hanging/stretching breaks the tissue of the penis for knew growth, and you techniquely have to break down the ‘chord’ or septum itself, or it will hold back potential gains.. The old divide and conquer idea.

So how do you get length gains from jelqing? All jelqing is, is pushing the blood to the end of the penal tubes/or wall and making it stretch out so more blood can be held in the penis, essentially making longer. But jelqing does not do anything for the septum, so it stays the same length, and restricts any length gains regardless of the stretching out of the blood chambers. So how is that people claim to gain from jelqing??

Any ideas on that one veterans?

I have tried jelqing before and have gotten nothing from it. I am done with pulling and hanging but am going to try to get more gains, so I am going back to jelqing, along with some enlargement pills, hoping the pills might be able to break down the walls of the blood chambers a little bit, and prove me wrong about jelqing.

Any ideas let me know

When doing it with relatively low erection levels, there is still a stretching effect, I find. Others may disagree.

Why are you done with stretching?

Jelqing expands the shaft in all directions — longitudinally and laterally. Plus, for some, the mild outward tug on the ligs may be enough to lengthen them a bit.

Whether a guy gains primarily length, girth or some combination from jelqing (or even squeezing) may depend on how his penis is constructed.

Hey tiger, you bring up a very interesting question and I think hobby answered it. I clamp, and I have gotten length gains. I for that clamp as close to my pelvic bone as possible and I tighten the clamp and I do three sets with the newbie routine as a warm up. The Beasty One asked me is the newbie giving me gains or is the clamping which I had already tried seperately, and my answer to was that the 2 exercises work hand n’ hand, no pun intended. Now then, why am I gaining length with a clamp? My gains slowed down so with in the past months I have started clamp pulls (c-pulls), and have seen some results.

Can anyone answer this? Hobbie

Allright then, maybe I’m not jelqing properly.

I have jelqed and squeezed all the blood in so hard that I felt a terribly uncomfortable pinch in the head of my penis, as if something popped inside my head. I take it thats too tight.or is it not? Is that what I am supposed to be feeling and thats why I haven’t gotten any gains before from jelqing?

Any experienced gainers from jelqing with advice?


>Any experienced gainers from jelqing with advice?<

Allow for backflow. If you are stopping all flow past your grip, you are doing a ULI and you’d better be careful.

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Tiger, any kind of pinching in your head means you’ve done some temporary and usually minor nerve damage inside of it. What I’ve learned is that it’s best to steer clear of the head entirely, whether jelqing, stretching, hanging, or whatever. Since you’re now focusing on jelqing, try and stop about half an inch to an inch before the head, and squeeze from the sides of the penis wherever possible. If you press on top too hard, you can do some dorsal damage. The area between the circumcision line and head is pretty delicate, and I learned this the hard way - I’ve had several injuries related to the head because I stretched it and pressed it too much and too often.

To come back to your initial question, jelqing is fantastic for length gains. I do that and manual stretching exclusively for my own routine, and it works great. I don’t have the answers as to exactly what it does, but it does the job. My guess is that it breaks down the tissue same as with stretching, only forces blood up and down the shaft in greater quantities than stretching alone. Either way, it’s pretty effective.

Thank you for the responses thus far to all you guys


I just did some jelqing today, and my cock feels rather fatigued-numb after the workout. (Not in pain though) hopefully this is a good sign.

Freestyler, what is your routine? What/how often.?


What’s funny is that I use the word routine, but in fact, I make it a point NOT to have a routine. Let me explain:

I did probably six months of research on PE before I started. One thing I noticed was that several people who did manual exercises got their gains by ‘shocking’ the penis, that is, giving it something new to deal with every so often. As a result, I experimented with doing different things every two months, so I’d essentially have six routines each year. I started with basic stretching for 2 months, then I stopped that completely, and did pumping for the next 2. Following that, I did 70% erect jelqing for 2 months, and so on and so forth. I liked the idea of a shock to the penis, and it occurred to me that the whole “newbie gains” thing could simply be from varying things up, so I tried to keep things new in doing what I did. I’m also a big believer of less is more, so I never exercise more than 20 minutes a day. As you can see, it’s all pretty irregular, hence my freestyler handle. I don’t know if anyone would even try doing this, so I feel hesitant in recommending it because it’s kind of far from the norm. But there you go.

Here’s another point that doesn’t add up either.

Yes, some people say jelqing and rest days are key for growth to occur, of new tissue.
Others says no rest, keep pounding away at the blood chmabers to make them stretch.

Well it’s either one or the other, yeah everyone reacts differently to certain exercises, but everyones penis is made of the same stuff. Penises either get longer from pounding away with jelqing, not stop, or with rest days and growth.not both. So what is it? Does jelqing actually work for length.


Check out the modified newbie routine link in my signature. People are gaining length from it and it consist mainly of wet-jelqs and lots of rest.

Originally Posted by the tiger
…I am done with pulling and hanging but am going to try to get more gains, so I am going back to jelqing, along with some enlargement pills, hoping the pills might be able to break down the walls of the blood chambers a little bit, and prove me wrong about jelqing…

Don’t take this wrong way, but - you’re joking about the pills right?

How are pills going to figure which blood chambers “to break down”? Seriously, all the pills do is increase blood pressure.

I’m not suggesting you take Niacin, but it is well documented to expand vessels. Also, it’s dirt cheap. I think anything which just raises your blood pressure is a bad idea.

People around here do seem to distrust the pills, but I’ll say one thing - I’ve taken them religiously for nearly two full years (vigrx). I also took a three-month break from PE last winter and still gained 0.3” erect length in that time - god’s my witness. I can’t vouch for exactly what they do, but they do something. The thing is, you have to take them for a LONG time to see anything, and even then, it’s not much, but it’s something.

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