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Someone who really needs PE

Someone who really needs PE

Hi Guys:

Just found this site thru the Men’s Health site. Obviously most men want a bigger penis, but I having read many of the posts on this site, most of you don’t really NEED PE. I see where many - make that most - of you are already at 6 to 7 inches - I’d kill for that and I be damned if I’d spend 6 seconds worrying about making it any bigger.

Let me tell you what I have - 1.5 x 3.5 flaccid and 4 x 4 erect. Now that guys, is a penis that needs PE. When I read some of the methods in which you guys use, i.e. use one hand to clamp the base of your penis and use the other to strech down to the head. Hell, if I used one hand to clamp the base of my dick, there ain’t no room left on it to stretch anything. Therefore many of the exercises I see that y’all use - I physically can’t do.

My question to you fine fellows is there anyone in my boat (that will admit it) and if you’ve done PE, has it worked and what program did you use, stretching, weigths??? Also, whose program did you use?

In addition, does anyone know if PE surgery has improved enough to make it safe (or at least as safe as any surgery can be). It’s not that I don’t mind stretching myself for a half hour each day for 2 years but, Jesus, that sounds like an immense pain in the ass and I’m just not that disciplined.

I’d like to hear from some of you guys who REALLY have a penis problem rather than you guys who already have average and above average dicks but just want to star in porno films.

Thanks very much, Glenn

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03-16-2002 06:32 PM

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If I were 4 x 4 and wanted to be larger, I’d find a way to squeeze, pull, stretch that sucker, even if I had a plumber’s hands.

Get a grip. Literally.

Read here, the archived info, and then think about designing a PE program that works _for you_ in your time allotment/lifestyle.

We’ll help you along.



Even though I started pe being average, my flacid size was very small. Most of us here see our selves as small regardless of our average size. I am doing pe to make me feel better about myself, and not to star in porno films or anything else.
As far as surgery goes I don’t think it is a good choice. Just follow this board and learn from the posts. I would suggest that you Start with palms down jelqing. That will get you some flacid gains pretty quick. Once you acheive that it will be easier to perform the other exercises. Remember it takes time to get results, so don’t get discouraged. Also take it easy at first until you get used to the sensations of the exercises.


GD, welcome, you will find lots of support here. It has been very helpful for me to be able to vent about my lifelong concern about having (had :) ) a smaller than average penis.

First off, how are you measuring length? The most commonly accepted method here is the bone pressed erect length or BPEL for short (or ELBP means the same thing). This is where you press the ruler firmly into the pubic bone at the top of your penis. This creates a fixed point that will yield consistent measureing. Also, measure the same WAY every time. One suggestion is standing up straight with your penis 90 degrees to your body, parallel with the floor. Also used is stretched flacid length in which BP is also generally used. This is how far you can physically stretch you penis while flacid and gives a good indication of potential. Most measure longer this way but a few report the opposite. Get yourself well measured and start doing whatever you can. I would skip the surgery until you have at least gone 1 year on natural PE. Surgery also requires a hanging regiment so if you aren’t willing to do that you will not get good surgery results. If you are willing why not give natural PE an opportunity to change your life like it has for so many here already?

Hi Glenn!

About 4.5 months ago I was in the same boat as you are today. My NBPEL (non bone pressed erect length) measurement was an uninspiring 4.3”. When I was flaccid and looked in the mirror all I saw was a little button instead of a dick that hung. Like you, I also considered surgery - infact I had a surgeon’s appointment booked and the loan papers from the bank ready to be signed. Then I found Thunder’s. I read everything I could and came to realize that penis enlargement could be achieved successfully without surgery. I cancelled the sugeon’s appointment and bought a BibStarter hanger …… I haven’t looked back since. So far I have gained over 1.5” and I’m still growing! :)

You can find details of my routine in the Progress Reports forum and a photo log of my progress in the Member’s Pics forum. Hope it helps!

lil1 :sun:

BPEL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | *20cm* (8")

MTSL (5") | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | *25cm* (10") MTSL = Maximum Traction Stretched Length

"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!


Hi Lil:

Thanks very much for the infomation. Yes, I know the feeling, when totally flaccid, I bobble, I don’t hang. Add that I have no girth either, I look like a 16-month old boy.

YGuy has shared a lot of information with me, which will be a big help. Funny, the 20-year old is giving advice to the 57-year old. Hope my son doesn’t hear about this - I’ll never have the “hands-up” on him again.

I will buy a PE program. Tho I know there’s a lot of free info on this site, I’m the visual type.

I’ll keep you guys “in the loop.” Thanks for the encouragement.


Hey Glenn,

Have you checked Tom’s site? The link is below, bottom of page. If you are going to go the paysite route, make it Big Al’s site. Again, link is at the bottom of the page. And, no, we don’t get a kickback. :)

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Pay sites

I have to go along with Thunder.

I bought the Big Penis program (which was rated about 3rd but seems there is no-one running it now). After posting on a free PE forum (like this one) for a few months, it soon became clear that BA’s program was the way to go. I was about to buy it but forked out on a BIB hanger instead, as I wanted to get into hanging.

I would advise against surgery, but if you are in your 50’s I’m sure you are the best person to decide that. You know what you want, what the risk is, and how your life will be if it doesn’t come off as epected. It’s not as if you’re a 25 yr old who hasn’t weighed up the consquences of surgery gone wrong. And yes, it involves some six months hanging afterwards, and not just a few minutes a day.

This is my opinion; I do not speak from experience but from information gathered from various sources.

And the 6” - 7” measurement can be deceiving, as (mentioned above) most guys here bone press (in my case the difference is almost an inch), and a 6” is more like a 5”.

And there is a guy around (can’t remember who) who did start with similar measurements to you and gained almost 3 inches over time, so you have nothing to lose.

PS. I would love to be a porn star, but I don’t think my wife would be too happy about it. ;)


Glenn Delta

Glenn if you keep up the program and become average size let us know if you want to stop “OK” then you will know why we don’t.


G’day Glen,
I was very skeptical about PE, infact I had never heard of it until a few months ago, just browsing the web and came across an ad.

I am over 70 yoa and have no real necessity to aquire a larger penis (it don’t get used that much). Being retired and with plenty of time on my hands (ha,ha,) I decided to give it a go, just to see if it really worked.

Let me assure you it works - it varies from all accounts, as to how much gain each individual may make over a period of time.
I have been doing PE for eight weeks and have gained an extra ¼ inch already (this is BP erect). This is not a great gain but it is more than I expected in such a short period of time.

I think if you follow a set routine of jelqing,stretching and squeezes for say 2days have a rest day , then continue - you could do 5 days and take 2 off but I personally think this is too vigourus for starters.

Just take it easy, have confidence, the guys here will help you and give you encouragement.

There is no real necessity to subscribe to a program, (I did) but all the info you need is here, for free.
Best of luck.

Health is Wealth


i applaud you for your post and i have to agree with you, i think most guys doing PE don’t NEED to do it but everyone wants to improve themselves a little bit.

i also would advise you against surgery because there are just too many risks and why do surgery when with about 20 minutes a day and a little bit of dedication you can make better, SAFER gains. and what’s great is ANYONE can gain, there’s talk about guys in their 70s making gains, and i’m 19 and i’ve gained over a half inch. i started out at 5.5” (non bone pressed) and 4.5” girth, sadly i haven’t gained much girth, and that’s where i am lacking. you have to go into this with the right attitude, you have NOTHING to lose, tell yourself you will commit for 3 months and not only will you see a gain (even if it’s .25 inches, not very noticeable, think that by the end of the year you’ll have a full inch, which IS noticeable) but you will FEEL better as well. and as far as not being long enough, try different grips when jelqing, maybe an overhand grip, experiment as to what is good for you. or tense your pc muscle between strokes to hold the blood in there. just concentrate on moving blood to the front of your penis. do this religiously for a few weeks and you will get better and better at it and it will become easier and more pleasurable for you. you will make gains, and you will be proud of yourself, it’s a great feeling i wish you the best of luck, and if you ever have questions there are tons of people here to help you out! :P


Hi Darkness or is that Prince?

Thanks very much for the encouraging words. I like your phrase about concentrating to get blood to the end of the penis - it really puts a new perspective on what the exercises are trying to accomplish. I had not thot of it that way.

I’ll probably start this week and I’ll keep you posted.

Again, Dark, thanks - Glenn

yup for sure you are just moving the blood around, forcing it in different places and that is what causes the stretching that eventually leads to gains. for length gains, all you really need to do is concentrate on pushing as much blood into the top of your penis, your head will become swollen, probably more than it usually does when you are hard. although it may seem that only your head is under pressure, the length gains that you receive will not only result from a larger head, everything should grow in proportion. when jelqing, squeeze hard enough that you feel a pressure, but not so hard that you feel pain. with practice you’ll be able to approach this fine line better and maximize your workouts. a little soreness a few hours after or even the next day is normal, just rest until you’re ready for another round. also warming up is VERY important, make sure you wrap your boner in a warm washcloth for a few minutes before and after each workout (sometimes a hot shower after is nice, washes the lube off too hehe) as this will prepare your knob for holding the most blood, as well as reduce the chances of you getting those temporary red spots (i used to get them all the time, they go away in a day or so) other than that you’ll need some patience and dedication. it’s better to not think of your workout as a chore, but something positive that you are doing for yourself and something that you should enjoy. i mean half of your workout will consist of jerking off so it shouldn’t be too hard to enjoy yourself :P anyway good luck with it, i hope you will enjoy the same gains that a lot of us have had. stick with it, and if you ever have a problem, again there are loads of guys here with the patience and know-how to help you out! :)

Hi Darkness:

Speaking of jerking off, I’ve read that jerking off after these exercises is not a good idea - sort of negates the entire process. So how does one keep from doing this? I mean I was sitting at my desk last week doing kegels, which I’m trying to remember to do each day, and the next thing I knew I was in the men’s room. While I may have a litttle penis, it still works very well. I sure don’t want to put in a half hour exercising and then blow it (no, the other kind).

And don’t say will power!!!!

Thanks, Glenn

Originally posted by Glenn Delta
Hi Darkness:

Speaking of jerking off, I've read that jerking off after these exercises is not a good idea - sort of negates the entire process. So how does one keep from doing this? I mean I was sitting at my desk last week doing kegels, which I'm trying to remember to do each day, and the next thing I knew I was in the men's room. While I may have a litttle penis, it still works very well. I sure don't want to put in a half hour exercising and then blow it (no, the other kind).

And don't say will power!!!!

Thanks, Glenn

lol good for you i miss that horny all the time-ness

i think jerking off after doing kegels isn’t bad at all because all jerking off does is tense your pc muscle a few more times… i would just avoid jerking off after jelqing and squeezing and those types of exercises that stretch your penis because an ejaculation causes your body to take up lots of nutrients and blood from your penis and you want lots of blood to be flowing in your hog after a workout to nourish it and encourage tissue regeneration. that’s the short side of it, dom is really your man to ask about this he will be more specific. i know it is tough, i used to “reward” myself with a good spank after my workouts and shit my ejaculations were HARD, almost painful, and i would shoot like 9 feet lol. then i was bragging about this and i got raped on the Big-Penis forum everyone telling me it’s not good. now i don’t expect to ejaculate after a workout and it’s become habit. you have to conciously stop yourself from getting into the habit of spanking afterwards. eventually you will be able to separate the two (spanking and exercising), or just wait 2-3 hours to spank it afterwards, lots of flexibility you see.

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