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someone please help, NUMB head


It's been 2 weeks!

It’s been 2 weeks since I got really bad numbness, it hasn’t gotten better. I’ve totally have not done any PE. I’ve had sex with my girl a few times when it doesn’t feel numb and I’m very very careful and taking it easy. But even then after anytime of being hard, my penis feels numb all over again for days, after then the numbness fades some, but if I wake up hard it’s numb again.

What do I do? My dick looks fine, no bruises or bends or anything. I am so sad about this, I hate this constant numbness and no feeling on the head. Should I see a doctor or is it a uroligist I should see? Again, it’s been 2 weeks and it is just as bad as it was 3 weeks ago.

Not enough time has elapsed. I had a numbness issue and it took every bit of 2 months to go away. Be positive, it will get better. As far as the doctor? it is your penis, you decide, do what you think is right.


If I did go see a doctor or a uroligist, do you have any idea what they would say or do? Give a shot? Some pills? I’ve heard before that a guy broke his penis he had to take pills to keep from getting erections so it would heal. My girlfriend almost broke up with me because I wouldn’t sleep with her very much the last few weeks. I had to tell her something, I said I woke up in the middle of the night with an annoying erection and squeezed and bent my dick to hard for too long, I woke up with a numb penis and it hasn’t gone away. She’s worried about me, but she’s very happy I told her.

You can see a Urologist if you feel the urgency. But, I don’t know what he will tell you to do. It takes times for nerves to regrow. I said that my recover took 3 weeks, but I didn’t make it clear, but that is when I started getting feeling back. It probably was about 2 months before I was fully functional.

I know it is a panic situation. But with time, I am confident you will recover. So see a Urologist if it will help ease your mind. I’ve been there and so have others. It is part of the PE world.

6 week update

It’s been six weeks, here is where Im at. Just after 4 weeks the numbness went away. The 5th week I jelqed and was ok. Last weekend I had sex all weekend, it ended up being too much for me and my penis became disensitized for 2 days along with very week erections. A week later I am doing better, I still have lost like 50% of my sensitivity from what I had 2 months ago.

So for now I will wait another month to do light jelqing. I will do ballooning which seems to be helping.

From actionlove I ordered the 5HTP and ViaPal-hGH-P which consists of ViaGrowth-IV, MoodMax, and DopaFibra, lets see if what dr. linn has promised is true that this will speed and aid the healing of my nerve and functions. Yes I’ve heard Linn is full-of-it, but it’s worth a try. I’ll post if it does or doesn’t in a month and again in 2 months here in this thread.

I haven’t read everyone’s post so I might be repeating what others have already said. I suggest that you place the hanger further back on the shaft, so that the head does not take any of the force. I suggest you try modifying your hanger so that it grips on the sides of the penis, leaving the very top of the penis ungripped so that the dorsal nerves isn’t hurt. I suggest you do 20 jelqs inbetween every 10 minute of hanging. I suggest you experiment with different levels of tightness with your wraps and hanger, until you find the level that grips well but with the least effect on circulation.

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That is exactly what I did, except I missed the part on tightening too tight, thats how I got this problem, my head was never touched, I had the hanger in the middle of my shaft. I just had it way too tight even though I didn’t keep it on long, 10 minutes was enough.

Looking back at the cable clamp tightening, was there any indication that you had the clamp on too tight? Meaning was there even a slight twinge of pain when you would apply that final click of the clamp?

We should try to find a common indicator when clamping on too tightly.

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It was like a pinch. It didn’t hurt. At the time I was just trying to keep the hanger from slipping down. The other problem was my glands would constantly get big no matter what I did.

By the way Ballooning is helping me.


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