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Someone help me out here

Someone help me out here

I remember there used to be a website we could log into to post our length and girth measurements. Can someone send me this, I need to update mine and start keeping stats. again. I’ll bet I’m the only person on there who’s measurements will have gone down ;-). Such is the price of laziness.

On another note, I did my first workout today. 10 stretched, 5 V-Stretches, 100 jelqs, and five of those Uli things. I didn’t notice anything like what is described in that post, so I may have to re-read it, but it felt good to do it again. 25 minutes and I was out, but this is going to suck when I graduate and don’t have unlimited hot water.

Are you talking about Size’s data website? Its: Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

There is also a link at the bottom of the page.


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Just look at the very bottom of the page, find the donate button :) it’s just on the upper left. Didn’t get the thing about hot water, you just have to warm up at the beginning and at the end.



Thanks Skeptic, that’s what I was looking for. Man, that is depresssing seeing what I used to be at.

Frenchy, I do my PE in the shower, it’s about the only place you get privacy around here, so it’s nice being at college and having an unlimited hot water tank. Back home, it lasts 10-15 minutes max, so I’m either going to have to find a way to be faster, or find a different place to do it.


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