some tips

Hi guys

how is the family today?
all of us are growing?

Ok, I wanted to write something
dont know if is useful, anyway/

1/thanks for the video of A-stretch!
Finally I have understand how fucking it was!
Yes DLD, with PC work I feel very sore on ligs…great!

2/anyone of you has noticed that
V-stretch is very useful also working
on the laterals?
I mean: I take Mr Jim with one hand, right under the head
and I put it very close to one leg (left leg for example)
with the other hand I do a pressure very high on the right side
of Mr., at the base. I feel SO sore!
I have notices this left and right part near the base
can be very worked like this. I feel a high stretch on the ligs and the skin.
Any comments…

3/ reading the description of A-stretch I had understand at first
another thing…and I have found another kind of stretch!
ok, maybe is nothing new.

One hand grip at the base
the other under the head;
then each hand pulls in one different direction;
that near the base, in direction of body
the other, the opposite.
I feel the skin in the middle very stretched
and a good work for the skin.
Any comments…

Hey, wrist strap is very good.
I was thinking the magnet really works
for circulation. Get one!

bye people