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some thoughts

some thoughts

This is my first post and I do not write much at all so please bear with my grammar.I’ve noticed a few things while I’ve been lurking these few months.

First,size has absolutely “nothing” to do with pleasuring a woman.I’m average and have made more than a few orgasm.By there reaction and there comments it had never happened before.As far as I’m concerned your job is to make her feel good and hers is to make you feel good.That pretty much finishes the first point,as long as nature hasn’t really dealt you a bad hand your fine.It’s your lovemaking ability not your size.

Second,I always wanted to be strong and muscular.Through 30 years of hard work it has come true.I was able to bench press 400 lbs and increase my weight by 75 lbs.The problem that I see on this board is very similar to what happened to me.Your working your tails off to get bigger with the idea that if you do all will be well.I had set myself up with the idea that an 18” bicep would fix my life.Imagine my shock when after I had reached my goals life did not turn all rosy.I see from the posts that alot of guys are striving for 8”.That is great as long as you understand it won’t really change that much at all.Especially in your own mind.

I do pe(I didn’t believe at first I was looking for some penis health exercises) I’m still shocked that with the little pe I do my wife has noticed the size increase.We’ve been together 20 yrs so it’s not just regaining size.That the end of the testimonial part.

I just don’t want you guys to set yourself up like I did.Have fun get a big dick,but don’t forget that other things are more important.I’ll get off the soapbox now.

Hey Pompey,

A forum is about being able to state beliefs and opinions but first and foremost let me have the honor of being the first to :

Welcome you to the forum!!! :)

I hate to disagree with you because you are brand new but since you have been lurking surely you have been inspired to state your convictions here in your first post:

Your statement about size having “absolutely nothing” to do with pleasuring a woman is a bit totalitarian and leaves no room for other possibilities…

Granted (in my opinion) you are absolutely right in stating that one must consider in bringing pleasure to a woman with your love making skills.

And this love making skill can actually expand to areas outside of the bedroom since its what happens before you get to the bedroom that can enhance the overall experience…

However in the bedroom your actual rythem,timing and technique and perhaps what you say will account for a good portion of her pleasure…

there is no doubt on that matter…

But do not think for a moment that size does not contribute in any way
to the overall experience…

Have you ever considered the remote possibilty that a good size combined with a good love making skill is the ultimate combination.

Once again welcome to the forum…I hope that you realize your PE goals
you will have plenty of support on this great forum. :)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


What I was trying to say is that even a smaller penis can still do the job.Not being a woman I can’t compare.But I’ve heard plenty of woman say it doesn’t matter.I believe size matters to men much more.Thanks for the hello.

Hey man…I can relate to that…I think all us can. :)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


I tried to edit but I took to long

My main point was that a lot of posts have a deperation about them.As in if I don’t get bigger my life is ruined.Because I was totally wrong in my mindset,when I reached the limit of my physical growth I was devastated.I have ocd and depression and I know from first hand experience what can happen to you.I’m not saying bigger might not be better.But if you don’t and even sometimes if you do reach your goals you might find yourself not much better off.The forum is great and the info is unbelievable I just felt my experience had a lot in common with pe.

Don’t worry…I think that you are in the right place.

Many members here suffer from similar things so you are not alone…some of the very best among us suffer from OCD. I’m sympathetic to your situation and you will find that there are many here that will reach out to you.

This forum is a lot more than just making your unit bigger…its about improving the quality of your life through sharing with others and opening up to new ways of seeing things and hopefully your success with PE will carry over into all other areas of your life. Peace.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


If only that was true “size doesn’t matter”. While i believe it is true to an extent, a big cock is more of a status like boobs are to women.

Think of the media:

Bigger is better
sex, sex and more sex
Then there’s all those shows where women speak out about wanting more size. It’s in movies, HBO specials, magazines (yes the male fitness ones too), on talk shows, it’s everywhere.

Talk about the power of suggestion. Society is impressionable. The media has created our image to sell their products. Penis size has slowly come out to a common question. Now they have tons of infomercials (even in primetime) about enlarging your penis. You can’t escape the “standard” that has been placed on men like it has women. Morals have become smothered and people are forced to think about things that we used to think were private. The constitution has been over pressed with the freedom of speech and now anything’s possible.

Where are we going?

Into a society where living up to expectations matters. People get picky when they can. The image is not just a small rumor, it’s a publicised fact. The problem is, people are subjective to living up to what they are told through the media. Penis size is out in the open and more women are answering “yes it’s important” than the ones who could care less.

I remember back in High School chicks always lived up to the magazine YM. It crafted their images and beliefs in what to look for in a man. Penis size surveys were not uncommon. Teenage girls were running around sizing guys hands and feet to see if they had big cocks. It was a fad that never went away. They would rumor the guys with big cocks and make their noises and giggle about the bedroom. On TV I was watching a date show on MTV of all places. The guys had to perform talent, physical appearance, and then dance around a pole and the women would then choose. Chicks would actually walk up to the guys and look down their shorts and then make their final decision.

There are so many instances. The more the big guys see enlargement is a big $ industry the more they’re going to force the issue to women that they want bigger dicks. Then they can say “hey guys, live up or else” order now.

Me, yes I’m a depressed mess. I want something to be proud of. When you’ve been short all your life you want to size out in something that can make up for it. You can have all the money you want, all the materials you need, all the success, fame …. but still be unhappy about your body. I’m unhappy about my size. It might not make me the best lover in the world but it’ll give me confidence when in the bedroom which is #1. I’ve read countless sex manuals, speed seduction books, tried them all … but I fall short in hitting certain areas because I don’t have the adequate size.

Sure size is not important to all women. A lot of women don’t even think sex is important. I think some of that goes back to moral values that are getting slimmer by the minute. I think that number is slowly falling as women are becoming more open about their bodies and sex. And once again the constant thrust of the media feeding us “bigger is better”.

Great post aarzakk!

Nice insights about commercialization of the PE industry and media influences that shape our perspectives.

Assuming everyone is posting honest stats there are a considerable bunch of guys on this forum that are larger than me at 8 plus…it can sometimes seem a bit intimidating to a new comer at average size or less… then again as DLD once said:

Most of the biggest guys out there have units that are products of PE and would naturally be found on sites like this one. (something like that,dont Quote me)

I am comfortable with my size but Im in a stage where I’m just looking for the gravy (if you know what I mean)I tend to rely more on my own personal experiences for getting an overall sense of what women really want and many have confessed to me that they prefer a unit that gives them a feeling of being totally filled by their man…In private circles exclusive only to women you can be sure that when the talk turns in a sexual direction they will be discussing size issues in a way that they would never discuss openly with a male (unless the male gets them to open up) because they are sensitive to his fragile ego much in the same way that a sensitive man would not walk up to a woman and say:

“Hey babe, you look a little flat chested you need to beef up your chest a little”

Women tend to be more sensitive in this sexual aspect of communication.

Why do we men make all this so dam complicated!Its a simple matter.

It seems only logical to me and I think most will agree that since there is more surface area in a womans vagina that can come in contact with a larger unit (Length and girth) and the surface area and its nerve endings are further stimulated with greater friction/pressure (girth)…Well then… Assuming all other variables being equal such as but not limited to:

Love making skill.
Sexual attraction

It seems natural and Logical that the Women will always gravitate to-wards the bigger size as long as the size is not so big that it crosses over the threshold of pleasure…
in to the zone where there is pain. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule (are’nt there always) but I am speaking only in a general sense here.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since



First, welcome aboard.

Secondly, I agree with you that PE is not the be all and end all, as will most, and that other things in life are much more important.

Through PE I have come to realise two several things.

First, YES, size does matter. Bigger is really better, but within reason. Perhaps it is even more important to men than women, but ACCEPTING that all being equal girls would like an 7” to a 5” has helped me tremendously with my small penis hangup.

Another factor is knowing I can make my penis bigger. Maybe I will never be huge, but I have ceased to be “small”.

I have also realised that some guys are packing serious meat (always subconciously denied it), yet the AVERAGE is actually BELOW the magic 6” nbp.

And, of course, that there is alot more to just having a big dick. Sadly, I was one of those who thought having a big dick would change my life (not that it’s too bad, mind you) but it has actually been the process of trying to obtain it that has changed my attitude for the better.

I can realte to what you were trying to say.


Originally posted by supersizeit
Most of the biggest guys out there have units that are products of PE and would naturally be found on sites like this one.

…and I still stand by this quote. :)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I think penis size is a matter of ”status” as one of the guys says. But the same thing is also valid for body building. Why do you want huge biceps, triceps or deltoids. Why bench press of 400 lbs is so important? because it is something related to ”manhood” and ”status” . Then, the same logic is also valid for penis size. A well developed physique like that of Arnold or Stallone is not something necessary in real life, but we still struggle to have a better physique(I have also been into bodybuilding for 15 years). So, why not have a bigger dick?

Soon to be 9''.

I agree with Pompey, you can get as long as horse but if you think that getting a bigger dick is going to get you to heaven you are wrong. You will still suffer in life due to other things you do not like about yourself (height, shape,age,etc). You have to be a secure person and built (beside you dick) some selfasteem. I think that when you see this you will be able to able to enjoy self improvment activities (such as PE)much more.

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