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Some Thoughts On Jelqing


Yep. What Pud said…….

Originally Posted by Pud
A dry jelq pulls the skin along, unlike the wet jelq that slides over the skin. Dry jelqing feels like your getting deeper expansion. It feels more intense, because I think it is actually moving blood that is deep down and not just on the surface. Not that wet jelqing isn’t productive, it’s just dry jelqing seems to be more productive.

Not only in expansion but also in the type of erection. When I dry jelq I get a very plump kinda soft erection, which I can’t get with wet jelqing. I think it’s the lack of stimulation from the head that draws up a more plump erection. Stroking the unit with lubrication will make me very rigid, I focus on expansion, I want to jelq the biggest softest erection I can muster, and I accomplish this by not stimulating the head with long strokes with lotion on my hands.

THanks man. The % of the erection has been a question of mine too. I know most jelq at 70% or more. When I jelq and use my Power Jelqer Im only at 50-60% erection. Ive wondered at this level what the end results will be. Will length be effected more than girth or vice versa? My penis isnt completely flaccid when I jelq but it hangs straight down. Now, when Im 100% erect it stands straight out in front of me but I dont get anywhere close to this while jelqing. Ive read on here where some people struggle with getting too erect (100%) and I dont seem to get erect enough unless 50-60% is fine.

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I like my unit full of blood when jelqing but yet still plyable. If it gets too hard my hands get tired. So I just sop and squeaze the blood back out of the head and then down the shaft and just let it go down a bit. Then it is usually just about right for another few minutes. I fell like I get my best improvement when it’s nice and plyable.



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