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Some Thoughts On Jelqing


The way I understand it, and I am no pro like some of the others here are, jelqing does create gains. Please forgive me if I made it sound like it is nothing more than a warm up or a preliminary. It is much more than that. It is an excercize in it’s own right. My point was it ALSO has warm-up, preparation qualities for the other, intense workouts.

Thanks for bringing that point to my attention.


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Originally Posted by Vincent Van Cock
Hey ziggman,

I think we do aggree on this issue. My point is that jelqing IS the very basis and foundation of my workout as well. I think yo and I are seeing eye-to-eye on this.

I haven’t had the guts to try hanging or clamping or pumping. I don’t thnik I have the heart for that stuff. I’m just going to stick with the basics.

But then again, I don’t have far to go to reach the goal I have set for myself. 7” x 7”. I am now at 6.5” x 6”. If I screw up and not gain anything the next couple of months, oh well. I don’t think this will be the case however. I am confident I will continue to gain and enjoy the surprize on
Mrs V’s face upon insertion.

Thanks for your replies guys..


What size did you start with vincent?

I started with 6.0 x 5.5

I havent been jelqing very long but since I started just a few weeks ago I try to treat it just like I do body building. I switch up my routines, use different techniques, exercises, devices such as my homemade power jelqer, and things like that. I also jelq one day on, one day off and so on. For me I need a day off in between each session because my shaft gets a little sore. Probably from jelqing too hard or the result of being a newb.

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

I have been wet jelqing in the shower for about 5 minutes about every other day and then when I get out I do some dry jelqing with some nice ULI squeezes. Mrs V has made the mention a couple of time in the last month that is seems to be getting bigger??? She still does not know that I practice PE. Heh Heh Heh


Originally Posted by Vincent Van Cock
I believe the Jelq is to PE just as running/walking is to weight training. If a weight trainer only builds his body bigger and does not do something to keep his heart rate up for x amount of time, he will be in big trouble ahead. If we say we PE and don’t give much thought to Jelqing, we are building our house on sand and not rock. I believe Jelqing sets our body up for the rest of the PE excercizes. Having said this, here are some thoughts and observations that this newbie has come up with after 2 months of PE.

I ALWAYS jelq while standing up. Always. I have tried it sitting down and have read a lot of posts stating they sit down during jelqing. I just don’t see how they do it properly or comfortably. One point to note, when jelqing while standing, you work out a lot of other muscles. Stomach, legs, back, and surprizingly enough, there is no way you can jelq while standing and not excercize your Keagle! And this is a good thing.

I have been asked, after some nice gain reports how much erection I jelq at. I have tried to pay attention to this and I think my answer is all erection levels. When I start, I try to get it to at least 25%. During different times of the excercize, my dick, of course does what it wants to. So, it may go to 75%, then 100% then down to 25% again. I am learning to control it but I don’t know if I really want to. My answer is now, I jelq at all erection levels. I think we get different benefits from different %s.

Speaking again of erection levels. If and when my dick gets to hard to jelq, I start doing very fast jelqs, strait down. Until my boner subsides and it is workable again. This works for me EVERY time.

I have been watching a bit of porn right before every workout lately. Why???
Well, because it has been helping me with my visualization of having a bigger dick. I have found a porno with a guy on it that has the exact dick that I admire. I watch this scene and then imagine that dong on the front of me while I am jelqing. I think this sets our subconscience and bodies up for the change.

I always jelq before any other excercize. Before my ULIs and Horse440s or stretches. Again, I think it sets up the unit to recieve what ever instruction or help we are about to give it. It also gets a lot of new blood in the unit. I don’t really know if that helps but I like the thought of it.

I think we should jelq at all speeds. Fast, medium and slow. I think there are a lot of benefits from each. I think we are limiting our success by limiting our technique. Different speeds as per what your unit is telling you. For instance, if you are jelqing and can’t seem to keep that boner down, try some real fast ones. If it is not hard enough, try some slower, sexy ones with a Keagle or two thrown in. This will get it harder fast! To put it into one thought, just jelqing slow limits you just as jelqing only fast. And I believe it can limit us not only in our success in gains but our mindset as well.

I, myself, like to jelq in the shower with soap. I know a lot of folks don’t like this but I love it and it is easy to wash off. I always put on a hand cream afterwards, however.

These are just some observations and thought from this newbie. I hope I have not stepped on anyones toes and I hope I have not come accross as a know-it-all. That is not my intention. I hope that some of the veterans will chime in here and give their opinions on what I consider our most basic and most important part of PE. The Jelq. Heh heh. Sounds like a dance…….

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Why didn’t I ever read this? For someone who at the time of this post had only been at PE for 2 months this is real insightful stuff. I agree with most every observation, I have other reasons for them but still agree on the point. With only one exception, and that’s the shower jelqing with soap. Soap is bad and burns like hell if it get on the tip, it desensitizes you and dries out your skin, and isn’t a good lubricant either.

I like all your observations on jelqing and agree it’s the single most important PE exercise there is. I think jelqing breaks down the tissue and the forcing of new blood coupled with the pressure generated is the breaking down process. And clamping and other engorging techniques help a little with traction and helps a lot with the healing. Thus jelqing is done first and all the other exercises revolve around the jelq.

Good post V

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Thanks for reading Pud! I appreciate your thoughts.

I have read many posts about soap being bad. Maybe one reason it does not bother me is I have VERY oily skin. Way oily! So that may have something to do with it.


All my jelq sessions start with me soaking in a cup of HOT water for several minutes. Then various stretches for several minutes until I feel hes ready to go. From start to finish, Im sitting on the edge of the toilet, jelqing and all. I have never had a problem doing it while sitting. Occassionally I ‘ll try it standing up but not for long. My preference is always to be sitting down. Ive never tried completely dry jelqs. However, I do jelq with Astro Glide which I find works really well. After a while it starts to dry up and my hands grip my cock alot better instead of sliding right down the shaft. This is the closest I get to a dry jelq. Are there advantages of completely dry jelqs over wet jelqs?

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

I only wet jelq in the shower. Wet jelqing just takes too much of my time for the results I get but I do think there are advantages to wet.

However, dry jelqing is my thing. I usually do it for about 5-10 minutes per day. I get great results with much less time…….


I don’t just stand up, I walk around. Jelqing while walking around the house seem to inject more blood flow. So I sit in front of the computer get a nice erection with some nude pictures, then I get up and walk around and jelq. Don’t knock it untill you try it :) Of course I don’t always walk around I mix it up.

Dry jelqing seem to be more productive for me, and wet jelqing only encourages jerking off in my case. So I almost never wet jelq.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I dont really see how you guys dry jelq. Ive tried it and it seems really weird. Your hands dont slide at all, seems to just pull more. Any tips or advice on this ?

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

A dry jelq pulls the skin along, unlike the wet jelq that slides over the skin. Dry jelqing feels like your getting deeper expansion. It feels more intense, because I think it is actually moving blood that is deep down and not just on the surface. Not that wet jelqing isn’t productive, it’s just dry jelqing seems to be more productive.

Not only in expansion but also in the type of erection. When I dry jelq I get a very plump kinda soft erection, which I can’t get with wet jelqing. I think it’s the lack of stimulation from the head that draws up a more plump erection. Stroking the unit with lubrication will make me very rigid, I focus on expansion, I want to jelq the biggest softest erection I can muster, and I accomplish this by not stimulating the head with long strokes with lotion on my hands.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.


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