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Some Thoughts On Jelqing

Yes kingpole,

I have been jelqing for 2 months now. I am happy with my results and my wifey seems to be as well. I am glad that I found PE when I did. I wish I could have started 10 years ago. Man! I’d have a WANGER!!!!!


Good to hear your back in action.

If you can’t jelq then you can’t jack-off! And that would be a bad situation!



Originally Posted by vs
If you can’t jelq then you can’t jack-off!


LoL. Not true! It’s the strong sustained pulling action that pulls my shoulder out. So I’ve still been jerking off like a goodun.


I’m proud of ya!

Gotta pound the clown as often as you can!


Man! I had a great workout this morning. 1/2 hour strait of jelqing at different levels, lots of ULIs and Horse440s trown in along the way. Approx every 5 minutes I would do 100 fast jelqs and man you can sure feel those things after doing slow ones. I really think the fast ones give us a lot of benefit as well. Just as much as the slow ones, just a different benefit.

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Hey vs,

is your user name supposed to be the abbreviation for Versus? If not what is it?

For some reason, I really want to see your user name written either ( Vs.), or (VS) if those are your initials.

The lower case letters just aren’t quite doing it for me, ya know what I mean? Or maybe your thinking I’m a little :-s

Actually, I want to get ahold of Thunder and see if I can change my user name to just V. My real name is Vincent and I go by V. I don’t know why I didn’t put it that way to begin with.

Thanks for verifying by thoughts ziggman……

You Da Man!


;) It just didn’t feel quit right. Maybe V on it’s own is more powerful than V.

:/D Will you listen to me? I sound like I’m turning into a stylist for user names…’well the names good, but I don’t think it goes with the avatar; you’ve got to learn to accessorise sweetie!’

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Minimum user name is two letters vs.

Whoops! Just saw that…how about:

Vincent Van Cock

AHHH, maybe that’s why I didn’t do it to begin with? i don’t remember.


I thought Jelqing was the main thing to do in PE to get gains? I jelq/clamp and just started stretching.Do you mean jelqing gets you set up for stretches/hanging clamping/horse440s and that kins thing?Ziggaman id say vincent van cock sounds classy but only if vs has a waxed tash and huge muscles then he could be the ultimate porn star!


Vincent Van Cock!

I’m getting to like that.


How is this avatar, Zigman?

It’s a dancing banana. Quite applicable, wouldn’t you say???


Yeah, I like that name.

How about that Thunder? How can I go about changing my posting name to Vincent Van Cock?




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