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Some things I learned about heat

Some things I learned about heat

The other day I was messaging about and Thunder and a few others were asking me about how I knew the Temperature of the wraps were up around 113 degrees. Well I thought that I sould be up around there maybe a little higher but it would be ok because by the time the heat goes through the skin to where it should go well it should end up around that Temp. Well Wrong! I took a thermometer and tested the temp. I was amazed that I was placing around 130 deg on myself and I didnt even know, and it was not working. So what I discovered is that the feeling of 105 degrees is really more of a warm feeling. The hotter wraps after using this for awhile. Is in my experience not use

The last bit was cut off. The hotter rice wraps were actually hurting my progress and when I lowered the temperature, things improved.

So what can we learn from this? You don’t need to have it as warm as you would think for a warm up? I don’t warm up just for the difficulties in my situation with it, but I just might start again for awhile to help lig gains (assuming it helps lig gains)

What about a heating pad? I have one that gets very hot on it’s highest setting. When I set it that high, it’s so hot I can barely keep it on my penis. That’s how I’ve been doing my warm ups.

Ditto irate.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

I heat up in the shower with warm-hot water just until my dick gets some pinkish circulation flushed skin look. But I’m a little bit brown naturally (latin) and can’t go entirely by a really noticeable pink flushed look. If that happens then I know that it was too much.

We just have to ‘WARM UP’ our dicks not BAKE THEM. All of the benefits to PE are in the Quality of the Jelq strokes and the time and dedication put to them. I make sure my warm up is Okay but my Jelq strokes and Jelq rhythms are perfect. Then I get the good familiar soreness later that day I have come to know and love - which is that perfect stimulus was put on the Corpus Cavernosa. ;)

So just do a GOOD WARMUP but EXCELLENT JELQUING and stretching and you will see and feel the benefits. You should instantly see the good effects - better erections, better hang, etc. And later you should feel good soreness. The soreness should disappear by the next day. It should be a good level of soreness not a huge amount that doesn’t let you train the next day.

Hope that helps

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