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Some Questions?

Some Questions?

I am not sure if I have a problem with my blood circulation to my head, because when it is erect the head is still soft, I can push it in and there is no blood in there however it is bigger in erect state than flaccid meaning that blood does get there, are there anyways to get this sorted, also my penis is thickest in the middle, thinner at the base and below the glans it is thin, I do 200 wet jelqs mid to head and when I do it, it is thicker under the head but goes back to normal, will this go thicker as my penis looks weird.

Lord Worm.

Any reason why you do wet jelqs from mid to head rather than base to head?

Was that the first entry to “Who can write the longest sentence” competition?

LW, if you punctuate your sentences using full-stops it makes it easier for guys to read and you will have more replies.

Remember that a high percentage are from non-English speaking countries.


Originally posted by Guiri
Was that the first entry to “Who can write the longest sentence” competition?

We may have the winner! :rolling:

… And this was my 500th post … :dissap:

A Man behind his mask.

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