1. At what length or girth (FL FG and/or EG EL) would you be “satisfied” at?
I want an 8 x 6 NBP. Maybe a little girthier, but 8” NBP is my idea of the perfect length.

2. Psychologically speaking, for those who were less endowed at the start, do you still see yourself that way?
Yes, no doubt about it. Until I reach my goal I’ll feel that way.

3. What routine(s), other than the newbie routine, attributed the most to your success in girth, length or both?
No specific routine has ever given me more than 1/4” although I have a bad habit of stopping and starting with my PE. I’m psychologically bracing myself for this next round and have developed a routine for very slow, long term growth. We’ll see how it goes.

4. Has your confidence changed any and in what area(s)?
Since I’ve started PE…yes, but I think it has more to do with age than PE itself.

5. How is sex different now versus before your PE journey?
At least now I can feel something. I started off on the small to small average end of the spectrum and just had a real unlucky streak with girls.

6. Your best advice would be ___________(other than using the search button!)
Read as much as you can, and stay dedicated.

7. What exercises didn't seem to help you very much?
Hanging, especially in comparison to any other PE I’ve tried.

8. Your biggest obstacle in PE is (or was) ___________

9. Does your wife/ girlfriend/ significant other know about PE?
Hell no. Never will.