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Some PE physiology


Mitosis and/or hypertrophy, that is the question.

Wadzilla, BIB, etals,

I corresponded with Jes Bech Muller in 8/8/00. He is the designer of the JES Extender in a collaborative effort with Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. of Denmark. He was kind enough to send me a Medical Dossier with about 200 references. The Medical Dossier proceeded to describe all aspects of the JES Extender. The section under Action and Properties would be apropos in this thread.

The action of the JES Extender “is due to the application of a Traction Force with its vector along the same penile axis, during a continuous period of time.”

“This continuous traction causes a reaction of adaptation to all structural levels of penile tissue component, with an increase of cellular multiplicity.”

“The number of cells of vascular vessels, urethra, corpus cavernosum and spongiosum. cutaneous cover, Darto’s and Buck’s fascias are increased. Latest studies indicates that traction can cause an increase of cellular division (mitosis) due to local suppression of an inhibitor of cellular multiplication, as can be the Contact Inhibitor.”

“At the present time, numerous studies have been started to evaluate this concept.” ( Last sentence is a bit of a hedge)

To irrefutably nail this down it is essential to locate reputable peer review scientific journals addressing the general area of penile hypertrophy/ mitosis under traction. (Wadzilla, you are to be commended on the work in this area you have done thus far.)

I hope this is of some interest and help.

Best regards,


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I’ve experimented and dabbled with a verity of the home made weights system that I’ve read about or seen in various forums on the net. However, I’ve now come up with my own system, in conjunction with vacuum pumping, that is by far the most comfortable that I’ve so far used. First of all I pump till I max out in a 2” tube. Then I have a couple of pieces of motor scooter inner tube fed through the slits on a couple of key-ring fobs- the inner-tube running through the fobs. Stretching out, the inner-tubes are then slid over the end of my 2” pump, with a ring on either side for balance, to about half way, though I’m not sure that the distance is critical for anything other than personal comfort when hanging. The weights are made from some lead flashing I had lying around. This I cut it into strips of various widths and lengths, ultimately yielding different weights. Using a piece of 10mil dia doweling as a former I rolled up each lead strip, giving a 10 mil hole down the centre. I then took an old wire coat-hanger and chopped it into lengths longer than each lead roll. Bending one end into an “L” shape with a turned up toe, I slid the length up the inside of the roll till the foot and toe hit home on the bottom of the roll and then bent the wire protruding through the top end into a hook shape. These are hung on the ring on the inner-tube and having a number of weights I can vary the overall amount simply by adding or removing individual lead rolls. I made some a couple of lbs each and the rest around 8oz. If it’s possible and I can find out how to do it, I will post some pic’s here; they are, however already on Newart’s site and soon, hopefully, on Tiger dave’s


the link is no longer working.

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Thanks for the insight. Being new to PE, this post has given enough information on learning

the pros & cons and gave me a bost to read more on this issue.

I am looking to make my buddy healthy for the oncoming yrs. So these exercises are great and

looking forward to streaching and hanging. (thanks to the Captain)

and Yes Poppa it does help us new PE dudes “Thanks”


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