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Some coldness after routine

Some coldness after routine

After I do my routine my penis is usually pretty big and full of blood for about 5 minutes. But, when I go to bed and lie down I can feel the head getting a little bit cold. Last night I noticed that the head was pretty cold, and the rest of the shaft only got very slighty cold.

Is this a sign that I am over working it? That seems almost impossible to me because my routine was only about 10 minutes last night (doing the new Mr. Orange bends). Are there many people here who have proof of post workout heating doing them some good?

Either way, I’ll try some post workout heating and see what happens. Does anyone have any other advice?


I get this too but I quite like it, usually it’s so hot as I’ve got a really thick foreskin, id suggest putting on some drawers if your too cold!, or just holding it?

Post workout heating is definitly recommended I think (not too hot though). I get the same way after a routine. It gets warm and fairly big for a while but after that it gets pretty cool. Does your flacid length get smaller as well or does it just cool off?


I find my flaccid length sometimes decreases after but I usually do a quick routine (jelqs,streches,PC) and it’s back to normal.

It’s funny how “normal” before would’ve been that shrunk length!

Just keep that blood pumping!

Thanks for the replies.

So have any of you who have had this still gotten gains?

I don’t think it gets smaller, but I haven’t checked since I am usually in bed with the lights out. I’ll try the heating anyway and update if I get any gains.

Actually in my experience I find that if you hold an erection for a good 10-20 minutes after your workout, you will find that the rest of the day/night you will have a lot less issues. However, if you tend to jelq at the end of your routine then you shouldn’t feel cold at all or you are not doing your exercises right.

I have gone through a lot of periods with a cooler penis, but I have always been like that. I think if you kegel more through out the day it will take care of the problem as well.

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