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Software to log exercises

Software to log exercises

Can anyone recommend a software suite to record and log PE exercises.

Preferably one that can chart progress, .. Etc.

Or perhaps an excel spreadsheet?

I’ve been using excel but I came across Smart Diary. It has the ability to log mood on an entry to entry basis. If this could be modified to, eg: Erection Quality, or BPEL, etc.

Any suggestions?

I believe Iguana was making a software completely for P.E. with tons of options. It should still be around in the main forum.

As for anything right now I know of nothing.

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?


I’d recommend using excel. It’s trustworthy, reliable, flexible—and extensible! You can set it up to track what you want today, make graphs, whatever, and if you change your mind and want to add additional features, presto. But it puts the onus on you to know how to set it up.

In my case, my provisional set up has me entering clamp sessions and session durations, hang weights and times, my measurements, my weight, and a bunch of other stuff. As set it up currently, I have it crunching that data and giving me tabulated results, and graphs! in units like this:

* average clamp-minutes / day.

* average hang-poundhours / day. Pound-hours is my provisional unit for how vigously I’m hanging over a period of time. This would be more useful if I what the coefficient would be to properly correlate the effect of heavy hangs for short periods, against light hangs for long periods. There’s discussion about that on other threads, but no-one has talked about coefficients yet. In the meantime I’ll be able to at least get some correlation between hanging intensity and changes in dick-mensions.

* average PE sessions per day. This doesn’t mean that I do multiple sessions per day. I do PE once daily about 5 days a week. I need to be flexible because I hang covertly and so often have to miss a day here and there. I try to make it up. When I’m disciplined I expect to see a ratio of 0.71 over the previous few weeks. If that number is declining, I’m missing too much.

* length of dick, girth of dick, _volume of dick_.

* total change in length girth and volume over the last 100 days

* total change in length girth and volume since beginning PE

* _rate of change_ in length girth and volume over the last 100 days.

* _rate of change_ overall, since beginning PE

And because i’m graphing rates of change in dick-mensions against average pound-hours over the same period, I’m expecting to see some kind of relationship develop as the graph develops.

On and on. Excel does it all, and does it YOUR way.

Excel takes bit to learn, but it’s available most everywhere and lots of people know how to use it so I have found it convenient. You can password your file.

Also, using someone else’s data base software requires a lot of trust: how would you know that that other person’s program isn’t set up to export your personal data without your permission?


Nov 2006 bpel: 7.88 eg: 5.19

Mar 2007 bpel: 8.25 eg 5.38

Shooting for 9 x 6 Ddog.

I also started an Excel spreadsheet to record my workouts and progress/notes, but haven’t set up any serious number crunching, yet. I have a separate Excel spreadsheet that I use to record my fitness workouts and put a single entry there to log only the days of PE workouts. If your Excel mastery is at the basic level, what better way to build your Excel expertise than using it to track your hobby?

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