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Social Acceptability of PE


I have not told or discuss PE with any of my friends. I did E Mail my best friend about Thundersplace but he never mentioned it to me. Kinder did not want to ask him. He may think I’m spaced out or losing my mind.It best to discuss it with the guys on this site.

I discussed PE with one guy in my life - it was an old school mate, not even really a “friend.” We had not seen each other in years & we went out drinking. While drunk, I made a stupid reference to jelqs and his ears perked up. He related his PE experiences to me - grew himself from 5” erect to 7”, then quit at his wife’s request.

I say to a good friend, “What if there was a way to make your cock an inch thicker?” He said, “Tell me when there’s a way to make my wallet an inch thicker.” So that was that.

I limit my PE discussion to online forums.

Yeah, I’ve been a bit embarrased to mention it to others, especially not having reached my goal yet for fear of being ridiculed for having a small dick or for being a gullible idiot for trying that dick hanging shit.

However once I reach my goal and am one of the “big guys” I think I’ll be more willing to tell my friends. At that point I won’t worry about being the small dick guy, which has always been my major worry.


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