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So What's the Concensus?

So What's the Concensus?

Has anyone found a definitive way to cement their gains? I hear “Lots of Kegels”, I hear “Do Your Usualy Routine”. Is it just personal preference or have any of the guys who have taken a break found what works to keep their gains?

Also, does anyone have a straight answer for the relationship between flaccid measurements and erect measurements? Again, lots of differing opinions on that too.

Chime in anyone …

PS: I finally have a GOAL >>

FL: 4.18
FG: 4.18
EL: 6.8-7

Currently I am 5.9 x 4.25 … Anyone think it’s a reasonable goal to meet by years end? An inch length an inch girth. Oh, does anyone know a good site to check out sizes? I am trying to find a picture close to my goal … a motivator if you will.

—- Drew

Normal is 5.5 BPEl 4.25EG is normal or above I do beleive. Take the penis survey, Penis This will give you an indication where you stand. Your goal is obtainable. If you have a hight LOT you will get it faster. To maintain gain you should go on a maintenance program, I read that once you have achieved size it never decreases, but I don,t buy into that theory 100%.
I hoped I helped you. I’m new myself joined Thundersplace in January and have been doing PE since September 2004.

There are pictures in members pics.


Originally Posted by kingpole
Take the penis survey, Penis

I believe you mean



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