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Snake Head

Snake Head

I was looking in the mirror at my erect penis and I noticed that the head of my penis is small in relation to the shaft and my circumcised scar barely sticks out around the shaft.

I know Uli # 3’s are supposed to be good for this but they seem quite complicated when explained how to do them. I don’t know if i’m doing them properly.

- Do I pull forward once my hand is a few inches behind the head, pump my hand, squeeze? How many repetitions / squeezes do I need to do?

- Are there any other head developing techniques / workouts?


Thanx Thunder,

Do you have any idea how much time I should spend on flux’s head exercises at the end of my jelqing workouts?

He suggests 5 mins, but talks about doing more 5min repetitions. It sounds like a good exercise which I will definitely be implementing into my routine, any ideas how long I should spend on it?

I tried about 2 or 3 x 3mins of head excercises during my workout. It seemed to go ok, at one point the head looked to swell up really quickly.

I did not let myself feel any pain at the head, like some people say is a way to tell if it is working, personally I couldn’t trust myself to lead up to pain.

When I finished the routine the head just looked normal, if not small, as I nearly always get the ‘donut’ (which i’ve practically developed permanantly).

- Do you have to hold the stationary hand at the base really tight or is it ok to adjust strenght to let in the amount of blood that you want?

ps Thanx thunder for all the advice so far

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