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Smaller Guys Gain MORE


Indeed RB makes a good point,

I myself am going to up my weight and my time hanging starting tonight….

If its not worth working for its not worth having - and goddammit I am going to start gaining again if it kills me…

See Ya,


That’s the spirit. :)

I wish I could hang. I have alot of privacy to do it, but can never keep anything on. No matter what I do the hanger always falls off. And I’m cut to boot, but do have excessive skin and when i put the hanger on and apply weight it just slips right of over the head. You can only tighten a hanger so much before it starts hurting.

The only thing that works for me is the noose style. But after the Max Xtender I won’t go there again. Also hanging weights (even when wrapped) with a noose isn’t comfortable. Manual stretching is a pain in the ass. Tried it all, I’m doomed for length.

Originally Posted by aarzakk
Manual stretching is a pain in the ass. Tried it all, I’m doomed for length.

Manual stretching is a pain, but if you really want that lenght, stock up on the baby powder and get busy pulling. Hanging may not be for everybody - and I would stay away from that noose thing too. What you might try is vacuum pumping, at low pressure, in a long narrow cylinder. This would encourage the vertical stretching of your unit, instead of one of those fish-bowl models that makes your cock like 12” girth. And, try the fowfers - they’re easy & not tedious - just stretch out your unit & tuck it under your ass check or leg, and sit on it for 10-20 minutes at a time. Pull it out, encourage some circulation, then tuck it under the other side. Repeat as often as you can.


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