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Small after heating pad

Small after heating pad

After I exercise and apply a heating pad, my cock gets smaller than it should. It hangs good before the pad but after it appears small. Is it because it is too hot or it is on too long or another reason? Thanks.

I’ve never used a heating pad, but I’ve used rice socks. I like rice socks because it’s dry, but I’ve noticed that my flaccid state is much smaller when I use the rice sock than when I use my other preferred method, which is to put my penis in a cup of very warm, near hot, water.

I have a picture that I found and posted to this forum quite some time ago ( see it here ), which was taken after warming in a cup of very warm water. When I began pumping, my limp size was as big as it is in that picture pretty often, though it was not often enough to call the norm. Since I’ve had to move in with my mother and haven’t been able to pump, my unit only looks that large after a good dip in a hot cup. The peculiar thing is this: the girth in this flaccid state is actually a little thicker than my erect girth. It looks nice, but really quite useless. I’d like to have my erect girth look like that, rather than my flaccid.

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I’ve also noticed that “wet” heat works better than dry heat. My question is, is dry heat better than no heat at all?

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