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"Slow Gainer" ... or just exercising wrong?


The general thought is that jelqing at low erection levels is better for length and higher levels for girth. However, many prefer dry jelqing for girth gains.

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I don’t exactly know why, but this is one of the best threads I’ve read here at thunders. I hope there will come some good input in the next weeks/months.

Most of us (I think) are searching for a better PE program. A program that provides faster gains. And not only bad-gainers are looking for this. Everyone wants to gain fast.


1) “People are different, so they gain different”.
That is an assumption and NOT a fact. I could aslo say:
2) “Every man has a penis, so they gain equally”.

But why does assumption 1 look so normal, so true to us? I think it is because of the fact that people gain DIFFERENT here at thunders. So different people, who gain different result in assumption in 1), very understandable. But the causal connection in assumption 1) has never been proven!

Okay, so if we know that assumption 1) MAY not be so true, is it reasonable to speculate about other factor what can cause difference in gaining? I would say, why not? But; is a speculation more usefull than the standing assumption? I think it is time for more proof, more scientific information from witch we can build our conclusions on rather then speculations.

Here at thunders, it is very difficult to discuss things as jelq strength etc. Maybe we need to involve researchers into this (I know that would not be so easy, because lack of interest or lack of potentional money). We have to learn more about the impact of different exersises and routines on our penisis and about the healing process (medical institutes are able to detect more then we think). If we understand more about it, we are better be able to make conclusions, make better PE programs and perhaps declare why some people gain fast and other people gain slow.

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I resurrecting this thread only because I’m a hard gainer and wanted to comment (plus this may be my last post as it seems most threads I start are rarely commented on)

Like I mentioned I’m a hard gainer, and as I have mentioned I’m not lazy I put in my 40min-1hr a day of clamping, edging, and at times jelqs (looking for girth gains). However, my girth has only inched (pun) 0.05” in 1.5 years.

Recently, I have begun to believe that my lack of results in not froma lack of effort but my quality of erections (please, please, see my thread if you want an explanation). I really believe having a good (aroused) erection is essential to girth gains (maybe not length).

No one may respond, but hey I’m used to it.

BTW, thanks to those who do respond to my post and threads.


Don’t stress it blackie holiday season answers hard to get on even the easiest of questions, like wrapping, for instance. Although I read your post and it doesn’t really ask many questions. It more or less states your observations and asks for comments.

If you want answers around here it seems you need snappy thread titles, shortish (not too long) precise threads with clear cut out questions. Either that or another generic thread on size…. sigh!

Anyway a question not really related too much but seeing as this thread is being viewed and commented on here goes: When we refer to slow, or NO gainers, are we just talking erect girth and length, or all around (flaccid length and plump-ness, lesser amount of turtling etc)

And is there any correlation between people who have seen great gains in flaccid and erect? Surely the two must meet somewhere, but no-one really can say if the two are connected.



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