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Slight "blowout". How long to heal?

Slight "blowout". How long to heal?

Hey all,

Well, I had a “intense” session on Friday morning and might have done a little damage. I was fine right after the workout, but later on that night I was looking at my penis and noticed that on the underside there was a small purpleish circle (looks like a small bruise) about 1.5 inches down from the head. I’m guess I popped a blood vessel or something.

It doesn’t hurt and I wouldn’t have even know I’d done anything if I hadn’t been looking. But my questions is this, for those that have had this same thing happen, how long did it take to heal? Did you stop PE’ing until it did?


If you’re doing jelqing or squeezing I’d say you need to stop as the pressure will keep it from healing properly.

Take a couple of days off and then carry on. But if it is still there I wouldn’t worry about it to much, if it doesn’t hurt you.

It’s called a burst capilliary. They are the smallest blood vessels in the skin. They dont hurt when you rupture them but, they are ugly. I’ve had literally hundreds of them burst when over doing it without warming up with some light jelqs first. Looks like little red spots all over the size of pin heads. Then, I’ve had 1, 2, and sometimes 3 large red spots the size of pencil erasers. They all go away in a few days. Just indication that you need to warm up better first. Not necessarily with a “hot wrap” (NEVER USED EM myself) but, a few minutes of low intensity jelqing will do.


Yeah, that’s it exactly, little pencil size purple spot. But this morning I figured how I think I got it.

The only difference in my routine was I started to do some erect stretching this week. I started slowly, but may have over done it a bit on Friday. This morning I did a little more erect stretching and I seem to have a little more bruising this afternoon.

I must be doing it too hard too fast. Gonna rest for a couple of days and then start again very very slowly.

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