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skipping days

skipping days

I am on 5 days and 2 off but it’s almost impossible to always do it straight without missing a day or 2. Does anyone know if this will affect my gains? Because some days when i jelq i just can’t stay erected and now that I hang, I can’t alway still flaccid. How often should I take a week off or so, sometime this PE thing annoys me a bit.

I’m in the same situation. Theres some days when it really is impossible to do anything.

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Guys nothing is written in stone if you can only do 4 days this week so be it, maybe next week you can add a day or maybe do a longer workout. Just do the best you can and stay as consistent as possible.

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good advise! but I always feel guilty when i say I am on 5days 2 off because it’s more like 4 days 3 off or even 3 day 3 off.

well I know that if you were trying to work your muscles out, a change in routine, hell just a badly kept to routine which has you working out at all times of day night would actually be really quite beneficial..

<sigh> alas the penis isn’t a muscle and I just can’t reliably crossover all my knowledge and get some wicked gains from day1. DAMN!

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I know the penis is not a muscle,
(else every guy on the planet would be injecting steroids into his dick)
mmmmmmmm there’s a thought!

I think though, if you treat it as such, as if it really were a muscle,
you would find that mindset could not hurt at all.

It needs to be “worked out” and it needs to rest,
just like a muscle would need both if you wanted it to grow.

Finding the “right” or optimal amount of time to give to each,
I think is not only personal, based on your unique body,
genetics and such, and how new you are to PE,
but also how much free time you have and just exactly
what “exercises” you’ve decided to use are also factors.

There’s pumping, jelqing, power jelqing, hanging,
stretching, uli’s, horse 440 squeezes,
DLD blasters and stretches etc. etc.
That’s a whole lot of things to do and they take time.

How much do you devote to each one?

When will I have the privacy?

Do you think every one of them will bring gains?

Am I ready yet for advanced exercises?

Should I stick with two or three of them for now then switch or add later?

How many days on and off?

Then there’s the million questions you have about each exercise itself.
How many reps? How do I wrap and with what?
Heat…how much? how long? how important? what source?
How do I avoid injury?
et. etc. etc.

This is where places like this forum come in,
a wise man around here,
(I think he calls himself ThunderSS) :up: :) says, “read! read! read!

He’s absolutely right, read as much as you can,
then read it over again and again,
in case you missed something or didn’t understand it the first time
The magic bullet here, is knowledge.
Remember, knowledge is completely useless without application,
then it’s power.

There is no “perfect” routine, many vets admit,
they got lucky in finding what worked.
Key word=”worked”
There are guys here who have been at this for
a long, long time, listen to what they have to say.

Use common sense, “listen” to your body,
remember that pain is bad.

I can show you 999 guys out of a thousand that if you tell them
that to get rock hard abs they have to do a thousand crunches a night,
there you would find them, plugging away.

Ask the same guys to read a book and learn something
and you hit a wall of resistance in the form of denial and even
righteous indignation.

Face it, you DO NOT “know” how to do this,
it’s a learning experience, one that’s in a
constant state of flux and evolvement.
All we know is the hoped for outcome and even then it
seems…it’s never enough.

You’ll be much better off psychologically, to give this much more time,
as someone said before, think in terms of years.

If you miss a day, don’t get guilty or freaked out,
you’ll find the time, you may find you were even better off,
cause your more rested maybe can hang more weight or
jelq a little more intensely.

The gains will come, don’t under or over do it.
You may just have to rely on your instincts, if so,
time will tell you whether you were right or wrong.

There’s my 0.02 cents

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