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skin stretch

skin stretch

Read all 11 pages of my search on the topic but would like your opinion. Which methods of PE give the most and least skin stretch. For instance, does BTC hanging give more skin stretch than OTS? Does jelquing give the most skin stretch? Does manual stretching when grasping just behind head give the least?

I should have said ‘excessive’ skin stretch, i.e., in addition to that required for increase in length/girth.

It depends.

Most any PE exercise can be adapted to put more or less stress on the skin. Some are more naturally stressful than others. Hanging probably takes first prize.

Newbie hangers initially need to stretch enough skin to create some working room. Once that has been accomplished the hanger can be positioned so the stress is primarily on the internal structures. Or, if you prefer, you can continue to allow the skin to take some of the load and it will continue to grow. The BTC position generally requires more “working skin” than other positions, though depending on hanger attachment skin can be stretched in any hanging position. I’ve grown more skin from hanging than any other PE technique.

The amount of skin jelqing produces is also adjustable. Dry jelqing stretched mine until I could jelq the whole shaft using a single stroke. I’m trying to minimize further skin growth now, so I try to stay within my “working room.” If I wanted more I could adjust my technique to stress it again.

Stretching by grasping right behind the head gives me the least skin stretch, but it would be easy to move the grip back slightly to also get some skin stretch.

Pumping can also grow skin. Again, the degree also depends on the technique used. Short, low-vacuum sets haven’t noticeably affected mine.

Thanks hobby,

I would like to minimize the amount of skin stretch. I hang 18 @ 20min sets/week at 20 to 25# OTS only and attach the reg Bib 0.5” behind glans very tight. I get no discernable slippage. I do not jelq, as it would appear to me to cause the most skin stretch. I manual stretch straight down, gripping the penis very close to the glans to limit skin stretch. Can you suggest any changes to further reduce skin stretch?

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