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skin opened up



Where are these located? If I understand you correctly, then I also have similar “cuts” just behind my head, and above my circumcision scar. They aren’t cuts per se, since they are not raw and bleeding. I’ve often wondered what they could be, and from all my hypothesising, I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin (and perhaps yours) is subsabtially thinner and more sensitive behind my glans, thus resulting in easier tearing and manipulation during stretching in particluar.

I don’t think it’s much cause for concern, since it is not painful and the “cuts” (I would prefer to call them indentations) are not open.

Would like to hear from you on this one.


I had these problems when I was uncut and masturbated a bit too intensely, simply because my foreskin was a bit too tight and it just got that way from the tension…

Yeah. I have a pretty strong grip and I think my skin kinda opened because I cranked the pressure up too fast. Just take it kinda easy for a few days and everything should be cool.


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Bacarus,Swedeguy and Taz,

I think we all are writing about the same thing. First fo all it is good to hear I am not the only one with the little problem. I just took two days off by now and it is nearly completly healed up. So no matter to worry! Thanks for your replies.


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