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skin limiting growth

skin limiting growth

My skin is so extremely tigh when I am fully erect, there is absolutely no movement of skin. The idea of a dry jelq is totally foreign to me, I can’t move my skin a 1/4 of an inch when erect. How can i loosen my skin up and has anyone found tight skin to be a limiting factor. This might also by why I cannot strech my penis any further than my erect length when flacid. Thoughts? thank you

soflsun, I think this question might get more attention in the other thread you have going, stretched length, since it deals with the same issue.

soflsun, it is not a terrible thing to have skin as a limiting factor, because skin can stretch and grow quite easily. I have pretty much almost doubled my foreskin without trying I reckon!

Keep stretchin’ and tuggin’ it til you got more skin to work with and let some give in.

…. yeah, besides stretch marks on your dick is a mark of status! I wish I could tell girls I have stretch marks on my dick! …. :spin:

To avoid stretch marks, use Vitamin E lotion (also eat foods with Vitamin E), keep the area moisturized and go slow…. Vitamin E is supposed to be good…. So I’ve been told….


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