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Skepticism and Sadmannpv

Skepticism and Sandmannpv

That other thread is getting too long so I figured I’d respond to some of sandmann’s concerns in a new thread.

Sandmann, I think you are very smart to approach pe with all this skepticism. There are many scams out there. The scamming is hardly limited to doctors or the established medical view. The alternative world is chock full of hucksters who play on peoples distrust of the medical community to make their sales. The alternative health industry is a good example. Here is a link for startling examples:

So imo, you are right to approach this carefully. After all, if you fuck up doing this, jelq too hard or hang a little too heavy a weight on your dick, you could be screwed. I can’t imagine something so much worse than lost of dick function.

I’ve been doing this 3 months and have had visible gains of 3/4 inck length and about half inch girth. But to be honest, I still am somewhat skeptical about pe. Will the gains last? Have any studies been done that show this? I know people say that you tend to lose a slight amount with no pe but I havent seen this for myself yet so I can’t say for sure. Are there any double blind studies to determine whether or not pe techniques work, about which pe techniques work and whether they can work for everyone? Rigorous scientific studies definitely need to be done. Especially long term ones to determine overall safety of the techniques. Maybe they have and I’m not aware of them but if they had, they would have been published and every site would refer to them. With all the money many of these guys make, it is a little odd that they haven’t financed a real study yet. Maybe this is in process. Sometimes I also think about down the road - is it wise to stretch the ligaments in your dick like to the extent that say hanging does? Ligaments are not really meant to be stretched - at least not in the same way as muscles. Ligaments don’t contract back or reshorten back to their original length in general on their own with taugtness. Stretch a ligament in your knee and you will have an unstable knee over time as other structures stretch due to lose of taughtness in the area. A knee is a different structure than a dick but could we end up ten years from now with droopy ass dicks?

So, while I have experienced success, and I suggest you in no way believe me, I would recommend extreme caution with all this. Go for a shorter less intense routine - just perform it consistently -5 days a week. Try it for a few months, you probably will see some gain. Just be careful and don’t overdue it. If no gains happen for you you could alter your routine or just drop it totally.

Personally, I’ve had success mainly with jelqing 10-15 minutes 5 days a week and now I do 4 - 30 second mild stretches - my ode to hanging (which I will not do). Personally, my goal is 7.5 nbp (a solid 7 - my favorite number lol) length and 5.5 width ( a solid 5). I think I am about a month or two away from this goal and once I reach it, I’ll do a maintenance jelq routine one a week or twice a month.

Good luck to you!

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thank u very much for your posting.
I will go on carefully with my PE work.
Killing the penis by applying to much force is really the worst thing i can imagine, too.

I will now go on with 3*20 minutes hanging sessions and jelq afterwards, going up to 6*20 mins if i keep it for a while at 3*20.

Good luck for your with your planned gains!

Bye, SPV

sandmanmpv,hope to see your post of your gains!


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