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You’ll have to forgive me for being a little slow sometimes :D

In my perfect world I look at everyone and assume that they have perfectly shaped, nearly circularly circumferenced penises just like me.

Secjay, perhaps a better illustration for us guys who like pictorial examples could look at it this way. Say we have a toilet paper roll that’s 5 inches around. That’s approximately 1.6 inches across. Now lay it longways and completely flatten it. It’s still 5 inches around, but now 2.5 inches across. Extreme example (can’t imagine many guys walking around with flat dicks), but that was your point, right?

This is why I ask for help so much. I can’t possibly account in my own mind for every possible scenario. Thanks a lot



You’re offering a difficult but interesting challenge.

Lay a ruler on the dorsal side of your dick and, if you move your head just slightly left or right, you get a different reading, from a reading directly perpendicular to dorsal.

A couple years ago, I used to be able to insert myself into a toilet paper roll. No way now, thanks to PE and encouragement from some of you, can I even get even part of the head in. I like that, btw.

This idea of yours may take some refinement, but you are probably on the track of something.



if you care...

The magical formula for the circumference of an ellipse is:

C = pi ( 3 (r1 + r2 ) - SQRT [ ( r1 + 3 r2 ) ( 3 r1 + r2 ) ] )

Where the major radius is r1 and the minor radius is r2. It is trivial to show that this equation reduces to C = 2 pi r for a perfect circle. I think taking accurate measurements of your penis’s major and minor radii will be extremely difficult. Best to KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and settle for the old fashion metric of measuring a string wrapped around your penis.


Girth made clear

If it is thicker than it is larger. It doesn’t matter whether it is elipitical, oval, circular or any other shape. The distance around is the distance around. If it measures 6 or 6.25 inches than that is the circumference. Or look at it another way. Think of it as the distance complety around your penis regardless of the shape. But to set the record somewhat straight, most penis’ are fairly circular in shape so if the mathmatical formula of pi x diameter is used it would mean that pi which is 3.1415 times say the diameter which in my case is 2 inches would equal 6.28 inches.

Or if it is easier, take a cloth tape measure and encircle your fully erect penis and then measure the distance around be it diameter, oval, eliptical or whatever. Again distance around is what the bottom line girth measurement is. After this explanation I think it is easier to explain how to measure the length!

sexpilot, thats the kind of formula I was talking about, simple to impliment into a script but as I said, actually taking those measurements accurately would be virtually impossible, unless you’ve got a slide open tool :D

Ucla, the circumference is the circumference is the circumference, no matter what shape… what we were talking about is calculating the WIDTH on top from this (as in size’s database) from the girth alone, which has been pretty much proven to be out of our means. Because did you not say a girth of 6.28 was 2 across width? Maybe on you, but not for me, mine is only about 5.5 and still 2 width (apparantly I have a wide flat penis like size was talking about) :D

Anyways, the conclusion, although it’s mathematically possible to do, unless everyone has the same SHAPE penis (not gunna happen) it is completely impractical in actuality. Like I said before, Size, you’re just gunna hafta add a width data entry :(

decimal inches

I asked this a long time ago, but forgot and never checked back for answers, if there were any:

All you guys who say “6.7 inches” or “1.4 inches” — what are you measuring with? Are you confusing 7/8 with .7? Are you using decimal inch rulers (very rare, in my experience)?

Girth v cicumference

Hi guys
Circumference refers to the girth of a cicle only.Girth refers to irregular objects.
I f you take a circle of 6” and flatten it the girth will still be 6 “but it will be as thick as a sheet of paper and 3” wide.That is why you cannot apply diameter and circumference to penis girth as it will not be a circular cross section.The idea of quoting girth with breadth /depth is good.My personal measurements are
5.25 girth x 1 3/4 width
hope this helps the confusion


Sorry to resurrect this but I just entered my stats and noticed width and volume are not entirely accurate.

Perhaps the simplest solution would be to either change the display to say “estimated” or “calculated” or ask for width as an input.

The only way you could approximate the width accurately is to use the formula:

C = pi ( 3 (r1 + r2 ) - SQRT [ ( r1 + 3 r2 ) ( 3 r1 + r2 ) ] ) (

And even then you would have to ask for circumference and at least one axis (“depth”?), at which point you may as well just ask them to slap a ruler across the top of their midshaft.

Also, using the volume of a cylinder is not accurate for the same reason. Since the penis does not have a uniform shape, in order to accurately measure this you would have to use water displacement ( or some sort of crazy integral.

It would likely be much easier to simply put the word “estimated” or “calculated” under the column heading since so many people have filled it out already.

I guess this all doesn’t really matter, I just want my stats to be correct or marked as “calculated” so as to not appear skinny ;)

Great tool though, I bet you have lots of good data from it.


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