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Size regression after PE sessions?

Size regression after PE sessions?

After jelqing this morning, I noticed that my girth had decreased just slightly. Being that I was just going by feel, it was probably just my imagination. Any thoughts on temporary size regression after a PE session?

PE after workout shrinkage it happens to me sometimes usually more times than not. Can’t say for sure why

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I have had that happen too many times to count.

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How long until you returned to normal?

Originally Posted by andgrowing

How long until you returned to normal?

Before the day ends, depending on how hard your workout was. It was like 1-2 hours for me though.

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Originally Posted by Phyriel
I think you are overdoing man, this it’s not a good sign, you should decrease your routine a little bit and see what happens.

I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t say I’m over doing it. I stretch for 3-5 minutes than I do 50 full erection jelqs. That’s it. I do that routine M, W, F. In fact, I’d say that’s pretty conservative. Granted, 50 full erection jelqs can be rough on the unit, but I’m only doing it three times per week.

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