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'Size Matters' references in society

If this project you’re doing is going to be a film….a good theme song to use would be “Gigantic” by the Pixies :)

You guys ever see Anger Management? There’s a great line in there.

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Yeah, Anger Management has been mentioned. If I remember correctly, the fact that the ex of Adam Sandler’s girlfriend in the movie is huge (he knows but she doesn’t, yet) is part of the character’s “driving force” through the whole movie.

On “Louie” last night he was trying to pick up a black girl on the subway. Louie was going on and on about how he can provide benefits, too - maybe not in the same areas as guys she’s used to. At the end of the show they were showing deleted scenes and he finally said “This totally sounds like I’m saying white guys have money and black guys have big dicks”

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In the most recent episode of Jersey Shore, one of the girls named Nicole (aka Snooki) hooked up with one of the roommates named Vinny. One of the first things she does in the morning after it happened was tell one of her other roommate in amazement how big his dick was by spreading her arms about two feet wide and comparing it to trying to put a watermelon inside of a pinhole.

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Most who pay attention to computer/video game news have probably heard that Duke Nukem 4Ever has been picked up by Gearbox after 3dRealms threw in the towel, and is finally (hopefully) getting a release next year. When I saw this “ad” with a close up of Duke’s crotch with a female hand right next to it, and the words “It’s going to be BIG”, I couldn’t help but think of this thread.

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Originally Posted by fabio_p_lemos
….A large group of women told me they had sex with several well endowed guys, and that it was nothing of a kind, or even bad. In the other hand, those women also said that the best sex they had was with average (or average) guys, because they couldn´t find a guy with the same quality with a big unit….

This is what so many women say - and I’m quite skeptical about it. I’ve heard this type of thing for years; by what you’ve said, it also seems “fashionable” in Europe as well as America.

Some might say, “Why are you so skeptical? Why can’t you simply accept that those women are honestly relaying their true thoughts.”

I just…………can’t.

While some guys have focused here on some of the bitchy women who slash at their egos with a knife, trying to make them feel small, inadequate, those women are thankfully not in the majority. Many others will want to bolster a man’s confidence, especially if they think he’s insecure about his size. Perhaps they think he’ll perform better for them.

And other women feel that they might look “slutty” if they say, “Hell yeah! I love a big cock!”

We here all the talk of the opposite - how a “hung” man is considered a prize. Women will disparage a man with a l’il peepee, especially if he’s cocky or obnoxious. Most dildos & vibrators (presumably for giving women pleasure) are hardly “small.” And I’ve known some women over the years who had a lot going for them, yet they became obsessed with some piece of shit loser: broke, unattractive, obnoxious, unfaithful, etc. Yet, those guys were usually known to have huge cranks.

And, finally, I’ve never heard a man say the obverse: “I've been with women who suffered from cow pussy and others who were really tight, but the tight pussy sex wasn't so good (who wants a tight wet pussy?). I actually preferred the women with gaping cow pussy - they were the best.” :(

P.S., A big dick for a woman is the equivalent of a tight pussy for a man.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
I actually preferred the women with gaping cow pussy - they were the best.”[/i] :( P.S., A big dick for a woman is the equivalent of a tight pussy for a man.

I like somewhat gaping pussies. I haven’t come across many though but so far the looser ones have felt better, for me and they turn me on because I think they can take a pounding and want even more. And I really don’t like tight ones. They hurt and I can’t do things that I want to (and I’d probably be arrested for doing or at least slapped across the face really hard). I agree with you though, that all other things being equal most girls like them bigger but not unreasonably big. I think breast size may be a better gauge. Most guys like them big and aesthetic looking, etc. but there’s a point beyond where they are too big. I’m guessing girls feel about the same about penis size and this likely varies with girls just like guys and preference of breast size. My buddy likes them cow size. Me not so much.

Originally Posted by wadzilla

Most dildos & vibrators (presumably for giving women pleasure) are hardly “small.”

I believe that the most often used dildos and vibrators are not big. Big ones get bought, but seldom make it into the ‘favourite one to use’ spot for the majority of women.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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There is a part in season 2 or 3 where Hank’s ex girlfriend comes to his house and is surprised to find a packet of magnums. Hanks reply to her reaction was “I have been working out”. Was Hanks comment in reference to PE? Great show anyway and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Originally Posted by firegoat
I believe that the most often used dildos and vibrators are not big. Big ones get bought, but seldom make it into the ‘favourite one to use’ spot for the majority of women.

We have one of those 24-hour sex shops in the area; I have perused it a time or two. What I was saying is that those toys are seldom 6 x 5. Most are in the 8 x 6 area. [Don’t those numbers sound familiar?]

I even saw one double-headed monster the size of a loaf of french bread (at least 9” of girth). I couldn’t resist asking the guy, “Is this just a novelty? Nobody actually buys these, right?”

He said with laugh, “No, we sell them occasionally. Just the other day two dykes came in and bought one.”

It`s all about coping.

When I first came here in december of `09 I was still reeling from years of my exes big dick comments and stripper weekends with her Friends.

Now I just shake my head and realise what an asshole she was for hurting the one she wanted to be with.

My wife wants all of my seven inches because the base is where it`s fattest.

Girth is the real size.

(Hey, that`s 500 posts.wooot!)

Early in The Godfather (best film ever made) during the wedding several women are sitting around Sonny’s wife, Sandra, and she is demonstrating with her hands how large some guys erection is. Not sure if she is talking about Sonny or not the dialogue amongst the women was cleverly muted. First she starts with her hands spread apart, and separates them farther, and farther while the women giggle (they were clearly impressed). Meanwhile her husband, Sonny, is upstairs laying the pipe in one of the other wedding guests.

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How about the BlackBerry ad with Moby Dick - “He’s huge!!”. Just a strange thing to say about something named Dick, even if it is a whale. :)

Working on getting ABSURDLY thick - Latest picture - Late 2010

I’m sure if I sat down and thought about it, I could come up with a ton. Not being totally enthralled with my starting size (5.75” BPEL with regular turtling), I do make a mental note every time I hear a size joke.

Skimmed through a few pages of this epic thread and here are a couple of fairly innocent ones I didn’t see mentioned:

In Ocean’s 11, Matt Damon’s character is pretending to represent the Las Vegas gaming commission and he says another character’s “got a rap sheet longer than my .. It’s long.”

In the trailer for the new season of the HBO comedy “Bored to Death,” the main character says “I think I might have the smallest penis in the world.” His friend responds, “You really should see a doctor about that.”


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