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Size does not realy matter?


Originally Posted by jGman

UC, that’s not even remotely true.

Yes it is. Are you saying that penis size has no effect of confidence, unless, as you said “all else being equal” I call bullshit.

Originally Posted by jGman
There’s more to being confident than just a big dick.

Sure, but I bet having a big dick doesn’t hurt confidence.

Originally Posted by jGman

but it’s not the end-all.

Depends on what.

UC, I’ll give you two examples from my personal experience.

There’s a guy at work that’s been called ‘The Package’ and ‘Double D’ (Donkey Dick). Basically, it looks like he’s got a softball stuffed in his pants. If it was possible to have negative confidence, he would have that. He’s a good guy, college-educated, funny, etc. He’s not an asshole in the least. He’s just not good around women. Not that he hasn’t had women, but they’re not lining up at his door.

On the flip side, I have a buddy I was in the Marines with. He was a big boy, 6’4”, 220, during our time in the Corps. He was average, at best, in penis size. He pretty much had women falling all over him. And it wasn’t one-night stand type deals, where you would say that maybe they though he was well hung because of his physical size. The women always came back for more with him.

That just two examples I know of personally, and I doubt they’re aberrations.

Someone with low self confidence may use his percieved penis shortcomings as a scapegoat for the problem. However if he were to wake tomorrow with a monster dick he would find something else to put the blame on. Confidence is all about having faith in you abilities to handle whatever life may throw at you, penis size doesnt factor into the equation. Just remember a larger penis isnt going to fix your life, give you fame and fortune or tons of hot women, all youre going to have is a bigger dick, which is not a bad thing, but thats all there is to it.

A lot of big guys don’t even know they are big. Lots of guys PE even when they are in the 7ish range to start with, everyone feels small becuase of what porn pushes on us. Just becuase you have a big penis doesn’t mean you have a good job, good fashion sense, intelligent, etc. There are lots of other things that can be a confidence booster around girls. If a big guy is missing one of those it’s just as detrimental to his self-confidence, maybe even more so than penis size. There’s a lot of things that happen in between that have little to do with penis size. She’ll have a million chances to reject you before you get into the bedroom.

A big penis might not matter. Most people here are going to disagree with that, including me. But a monster penis matters. And there is a difference. I don’t give a shit what women say it doesn’t freaking matter. I bet most women have only seen above average dick. Which most guys here oddly start with. Women can’t judge measurements either. Just test them on that one. I bet alot of guys here after a few years could give some big porn stars a run in the size category.

PE is so much like lifting weights. While you lift weights to look better/feel better/and get more pussy. You PE for the exact same reasons.

SO your might be PEing 50% for yourself and 50% for her !!!! If it doesn’t well then it matters to me damn it. And if you read Dangleman’s latest thread “I’m back” I think its called you might change your mind.


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