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Size Discrepancy - Girlfriend's Experiences


There was another thread this earlier, but another reason a woman may run into a string of larger penises is that a man with a bigger penis may have more confidence. With more confidence, they are more likely to get them to bed!

I only had one bi-experience.. that guy was at least 8” (maybe even over 9..)

After that I ended up here.

There is not much more to say about this topic.

But I will anyway. :)

I think most women would look at a 6x5 erect penis and think it is fine, or pretty big, nice, sexy, etc.

However, if you ask them what size dick they think is fine, sexy, pretty big, etc, they will say 7 or 8 inches, because those are the numbers bantered about in movies, by their friends, by their former boyfriends etc.

So, like many guys have already said, don’t take what a woman says too seriously.

Horny Bastard

The “so called” average penis size is way out of whack, the average is closer to five inches than it is to six inches. Women will look at a 7 inch-er and think its huge and on up the ladder; unfortunately, most gals do not really care about size (as long as you got 5) and so they also do not care about their accuracy on relaying correct dimensional units of measure.

So, if they do not care about the size to begin with and they just use the adjectives, small, average, big and huge to describe a penis; actual units of measure are superfluous and if used are used without regard for any standardized measuring approach.

I’m thinking if my girlfriend did have a “big cock”, wouldn’t that make her my boyfriend?

I’m so confused about it.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten


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