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Size *after* girth workouts

Size *after* girth workouts

Just finished a huge girth routine:

Horse440 (5 mins)
Ulis with bends (5 mins)
Horse440 (5 mins)
Ulis with bends (5 mins)
Ferarri Head Squeeze (5 mins)

and I measured afterwards ‘cos it felt so darned thick! I managed at least an extra 1/4” on the tape :) :)

What sort of pump do you guys get after a good girth workout?

As I posted on MOS forums share here :

Well, after 45 minutes to an hour of intense girth work…mostly two handed squeezes, and erect bends with some short jelqs mixed in there for variety….taking generic viagra 30 minutes beforehand…I get a very good “pump” as well. Anywhere from 1/2” to 3/4” over my non pumped girth. I posted a post workout pic …measured with a tape last night in the pic forum. The biggest I’ve measured so far after a girth session…only a couple times so far, has been 6.75” e.g. I hang onto most of the pump for up to and sometimes longer than 12 hours afterward as well. Cant wait until more of it starts hanging around!

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