Simple homemade ads+cr

Simple, yes! Was fooling around with some tubing and constructed something that I will be using to help cement those gains.

Both of them you will need:

-Latex tubing (HD) \
-Plastic tubing (HD) / same diameter
-Electrical tape (HD)
-Some kind of solid object (ie. copper tube) smaller diameter (HD)
-hot glue
-hole puncher/something to make a hole

Everything can be found at HD if you don’t have them already and want to give this a shot. You probably can be innovative and find something else that could work. You don’t have to use copper tubing. That was just something I had laying around ( I tend to have a lot of odd things laying around) that worked really nice. You can use anything from a modified pen cap to just about anything that will fit inside the tube for the cr. Tape is important, you could even use hot glue on the ads if you wanted to. You don’t’ want to see any of the solid object inside the cr latex tube.

Here are the drawlings:

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