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Simple Clamping Experience (Crazy Erections)

Simple Clamping Experience (Crazy Erections)

So recently I took a small break, about 2 months back. Since then I started a new job and have been on and off; however, the past week or 2 I have been pretty consistent with my routine. It consists of either 1 on 1 off, or 2 on 1 off. I do this depending on how my unit reacts. I only do 1 to 2 sets of clamping (10 min max). I of course start off with a warm up, stretch, and jelq.

Now onto the good part about this. In the past when I did 3x15 clamping sessions I didn’t have any really great results. Since I have done this I have yet to measure; but, I have erections almost all day long. It’s absolutely amazing. I almost feel like I’m doing that “chemical PE” because I will have erections so much throughout the day. I’m going to move up my time/reps EXTREMELY slow so I can monitor these signs. I know there has been much discussion on everyones clamping, where as we saw aristocrate do insane sets, but I hope this proves some insight for the phrase, “less is more”. Let me know if any of you guys have done the same and had measureable results. I plan on measuring in about 2 months or so.

Nice it would be cool to be hung all day long.

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It’s kind of weird sometimes heh. I sit at my desk and worry if someone is going to come over and bug me, I don’t want to stand up.

I also have a similar experience, I used to clamp 2 on 1 off or 3 on 1 off (3X10) min sets. I took about a week off and now am doing 1 on off (2X10) min sets and seeing much better results, my flaccid hang is much better and I seem to be getting better gains. Also I used to get .25” expansion while clamped now at the base I am getting .5” expansion. Anyone else doing less intense clamping and seeing better results?

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That’s interesting. I clamp regularly and might do 3 or 4 sets of 15mins or more with little results. I may cut back and see what happens.

Same thing happened to me when I first started clamping. Morning wood was incredible, I was amazed. But unfortunately, many days later, I was getting less and less harder erections.

But I ain’t tripping over that, I know it’s mostly because I’m having stressing days lately. I’m glad I’m seeing results though

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