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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own


The package has not arrived yet. It was said to have been sent priority and should have gotten here Tuesday at the latest. But nothing, yet. I am hoping that its just a minor delay for some reason on the postal service’s part.

Cool Idea

I would like to get on this list also, I have the Auto-Extender Vac-Extender which has the same Silicone sleeves but would weather make them than have to keep buying them when they tear or get a hole which happens. Thanks man good looking out!

I sent the package to minime a week ago today. Priority mail. The lady at the post office said he should get it Monday or Tuesday. I he does not receive it by tomorrow(Saturday the 17 ) I will have a tracer put on it. Pisses me off. It costs 12.95 to send the damn thing!

So I finally received the package.

Will the next person up please PM me their address?

I would like to get on the list if at all possible.

Still just waiting on Nutdriver’s PM. Let’s give him till the end of the weekend. He mentioned he drives for a living so maybe a computer isn’t always accessible for him.

jay_w, Look out for a PM from me if nutdriver doesn’t respond by the end of the weekend.

Hey guys I would like to get on the list as well.

I live in Puerto Rico but we use the same United States Postal Service so there is no prob. U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, UPS, and Fed Ex all ship here real easy. Later guys

Is there an up-date on the smooth-on kit

Thanks for the nice pix and information about the Do-it-yourself sleeves; unfortunately, the response I got on accessing the site for Eco-flex series #0030 was, there is nothing in inventory matching the request. Any suggestions?

Willwin 04/06/07

This list sure is going slowly right now. That is unless it is being passed on without people posting in the thread.

So how many people have actually made these sleeves? Can any one post pictures?


TPS, or others experimenting with this great idea:
I’ve decided to make my own sleeves. What is the best mix so far? Is it the Ecoflex 0030? Or what about the dragon skin?

Tps, thanks so much for your ingenuity and generosity. Once all the kinks are ironed out, you should make a new “tek” on this.

Do you find dildos get longer through vacu-hanging?

No updates on the dragon skin or any other mix?


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