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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

:D Very cool guys.

The few bucks being slipped into the kit can purchase more silicone mix and then continue making the rounds, if more people are interested in making them. If not, the $$ can be donated to the forum.

sweet21 asked me via PM to be added to the list so I’m doing that here.

Thanks for Adding me to the list

TPS, how many sleeves are we allowed to make?

And what constitutes ‘the ideal fitting sleeve’ for a unit?


2 sleeves should be enough to last a good while if you’re careful with them and then the kit can go around a little further. If you’re at the end of the list and there’s plenty left over, make a couple extra.

I believe the molds in the kit will be a very good fit for most. What I said in the picture thread about tailoring the fit is more for people that have their own full kit and want to play around with different wall thicknesses or the masturbation sleeve. A thinner walled sleeve is easier to put on, but I like the thicker as it holds up longer.

How long is the wait for the kit?

If it’s not too long, can you add me to the list? I would also donate money or supplies to keep this kit going.

Thanks for starting this tps. Great idea!

Started Feb 1, 2007 - Newbie Routine

ELBP: 5 3/4", ELNBP: 5", EG: 4 7/8"

FL: 3", FG: 4"

Just wanted to chime in and give you a pat on the back tps! Excellent idea, very kind of you! Let`s hope your kit keeps going around for a looooong time!

I just received the kit from pejunkyard. I will try making mine tonight,or tomorrow. Whoever is next on the list will need to PM me their information. Thanks again tps. Great idea.

On the separate note guys

If you do not like vacuum hanging like me you can use such sleeve for hanging with BIB HANGER. You just need to have holes on two sides of it. Yesterday I switched back from my amateur Vacumhanger to Bibhanger and such sleeve works much better than ANY wrapping!

Looks like minime123 is next up. Please PM your address to chainz 8

Not sure how long it’ll take the kit to get to you winkie Looks like about a month to get through the first 3 on the list, but the pace seems to be getting quicker now that the kit is all in one box. I went ahead and added you to the list. If you want off, just say so.
4. minime123
5. nutdriver
6. jay_w
7. sweet 21
8. winkie

Disi, these sleeves are very versatile. From ads, to wrap for hanging, to passive wrap, to condom style pumping, to padding for clamping, they’s good shit.

Originally Posted by tps
Not sure how long it’ll take the kit to get to you winkie…I went ahead and added you to the list.

Thanks tps…Much appreciated.

Started Feb 1, 2007 - Newbie Routine

ELBP: 5 3/4", ELNBP: 5", EG: 4 7/8"

FL: 3", FG: 4"

PM sent.

I hope its simple and easy to make.

Will the next member in line please PM me their address? No the package has not been sent out to me yet, but might as well get this part of the ball rolling right?

I’d like to be added to the list.

Thank you

Have any uncut members used the sleeves yet? I’d be interested to see how comfortable they are on an uncut person before making a mould (list not really an option given I am halfway around the world).

Hey Starch, I’m uncut, and in Australia and uncut as well.

I’m gonna look into making some sleeves soon, I reckon they should work the same on uncut guys as the ones you can buy, and people say they work pretty well.

I just have to get around to going to the hardware store and finding the right silicone, if you find anything that’s good let me know.


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