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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Will do man, its funny I had everything I neede from making fishing lures. haha I will take some pics tomorrow.

Originally Posted by toyotajon93
I’ll post my plans soon still testing.

I’m using Kato polymer clay (amazon).

Made a mold of size and shape I wanted baked the insert then drilled hole in end cap.

In total my mold is 4 pieces:

Pvc split length wise (2 pieces)
End cap with hold drilled in
Penis mold made with Kato clay
Ecoflex 30

Its super strong. I’m still testing caps vs sleeves.

I can send over you a test device for a small fee just to cover materials. You just need a leg strap and bungee cord to hook into the ADS.

I also add a rough texture to the inside to help with grip. I also give more head room and tighter at base than ebay ADS.

Very interesting ideas!! I had no idea polyclay existed - I was toying with making something out of that 2 part epoxy used for PVC repair but had reservations because the cured epoxy has a rough/porous surface, would cause the silicone to stick to it, and would rather stay away from needing release agents especially on the inside, that stuff doesn’t come off easy and could be a health hazard.

That clay looks like the way to go. In doing a cursory investigation about that clay I found the website of the lady who invented it, wonder what she’d think of this application :-) .

I like your idea of rough texture for grip. For myself, the added head room might cause blistering, I’ve had some problems with that depending on the ADS system I’m using.

I’ve got several questions which will probably be answered when you post your plans but I’m asking a couple now:

—Does the clay have a glossy sheen? (Slippery surface not in need of release agents)

—Does the clay have a shrink factor after baking or does it stay true?

—Did you free form your inside insert (penis mold) or did you/is it possible to stuff the clay into an old ebay ADS unit? This is what I’d like to do, I have grown accustom to a particular model and would like to duplicate it pretty much as is, with a few tweaks.

—What size and type of PVC did you use for the outside mold?

—What did you use for connecting to bungee? Eye-hook, string, side release clip, etc..

—Are you happy with the ecoflex 30, too soft, too hard or just right for this application?

As you can tell, I’m very intrigued by your excellent ideas, for the ADS and the hanger projects - I’ve never really been a hanger but made a Captains Hook as seen on this site and have used it for hanging, and kind of liked it, the problem with that is it is very obvious when you have a 10lb weight hanging off your unit, I like discreet.

Yep the clay is awesome. You can purchase sculpey at any craft store and give the cashier a wink when you do. it isnt as strong as kato.

Once baked in normal oven its rock hard. I have had no issues with the silicone not releasing from the mold. I use no mold release. My mold is built so I can disassemble when cured and literally roll the sleeve off the mold.

I pretty much drill a hole in a pvc end cap 1/4 to 1/2 inch bit. Then when making my mold i use that hole in the end cap and mold the end of my “penis model” to that hole. So assembly goes in straight and seals then disassembly is a breeze.

How do I post pics here Im going out to my shop now to take somem

Additional Pics

You can see from the last pic I’m just using a carribeaner and string for the connection to leg band. I want a smaller carribbeaner but thats all I had laying around.

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OK so going in order:

1st pic is the end cap with hole and the pvc split lengthwise

2nd pic is just a better pic down the end cap

3rd Loaded out of order. One is a sleeve used with a different end cap with a hanger attached. The Other is a string attachment used nylon extrememly strong. Still experimenting here

4th The “mold” I wanted on the inside portion of sleeve. This one I wanted to trim down towards the base. I may do more and just took a razor and cut the kato clay. Working on a new mold now that will blow this one out of the water.

5th The mold portion stuck into the end cap

Second Post

1st pic the fully assembled mold

2nd The ADS with carribbeaner attached, changing this method though.

Super comfy so far. I need to add more strength to the head portion so I have ideas for that. Not bad with all part laying around my shop. I did order more ecoflex once I realized my dragon skin was too strong. May still try Dragon Skin Skin FX I think its called.

Cool, Thanks for the pics.

What size is your PVC outer mold?

The EcoFlex comes in 00-50 too it would be a bit harder, less pliable. Do you need more strength for the string, is it pulling out?

Pvc outer is 1” i also plan on sanding the inner portion some to give me slightly more room for silicone 1mm can make a big difference.

I didnt want to buy more silicone now but I have thought about the 50 shore ecoflex. I also may try and mix my old dragon skin with ecoflex and see what happens. Both are platinum cure so it may set up stronger, no idea.

I’m thinking of using 1.25” ID PVC but I’ll see, I already have 1” on hand.

If mixing the 2 doesn’t work a thought might be to pour the dragon skin first - let it sit a minute or two into it’s (dragon skin) set-up/pot life time, then top it off with the EcoFlex. As long as you don’t have a knit line were the two come together it should hold up to stress.

Originally Posted by toyotajon93
Pvc outer is 1” I also plan on sanding the inner portion some to give me slightly more room for silicone 1mm can make a big difference.

I didnt want to buy more silicone now but I have thought about the 50 shore ecoflex. I also may try and mix my old dragon skin with ecoflex and see what happens. Both are platinum cure so it may set up stronger, no idea.

Let us know how mixing the 2 goes - based on what you and others in this thread have said, I have a feeling that the Ecoflex 0030, might be too soft.

I was actually out of dragon skin so I made a new thinner mold and also sanded the inside of the pvc to add millimeters of thickness. My mold had raised bumps as well as depressions which i hope creat low pressure areas and increase circulation. The end result was fantastic. Ill take a shot and load later. I still think moving to ecoflex 50 will give more strength. I havent tested new ones out yet had too much family in town haha. Took a rest week as well :)

Sounds like you have a winner. When I order I’ll probably go with the 50 also. Haven’t had any time to work on anything, life beyond PE has been eating up any free time I’d normally have.

Yes I agree. I did make some modifications to original design that has made it quite a bit better. Thicker walls and bigger end cap. 1 1/2 inch end cap I think. I get a chubby and put it on. Fits like a glove and is extremely comfortable. No blisters, fluid buildup etc so far.

Oh side tip, I also took my dremel tool and sanded down the inner side of my pvc mold to give that extra bit of room for silicone. I also leave silicone padding at the tip of cap. I screw in my hanger bolt and then pour silicone into tip and setup. To me it seems to help with fluid build up. Maybe in my head.

What makes it easier is I use a gallon milk jug as my weight. Very adjustable and easy to clip into.

I can make one and send to you for materials cost.

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I would think so. Only problem I could see is the different stretch amounts. It may make more sense to have a 2 piece sleeve. So two sleeves with inside being more flexible, stretchy and thicker. The outer layer would be thin and strong. Really makes me wonder. Im totally open to making one of my hangers for someone if they want to cover materials and shipping. Need to order some d-skin and try this :)


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