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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

John, look up autoxsleeve. The tube was originally designed to be like that, but you have the freedom to make it the size you want.

I would like to get in on the action. Just let me know who needs my address.

Anyone know the width circumference of the sleeves ? Or what the ideal width should be ?


Thanks for the extensive thread on sleeves - experimenting with pumping with sleeves to reduce the lymph effect.

Would Silicone tubing - as used in pumps - be a good cheap replacement for silicone sleeves (for Vac-Hanger) as sold by Monkeybar?

Or would it be too hard & not flexible enough to roll over the penis?

(NOTE: Silicone tubing inner diameter = 25mm, wall = 3mm, outer diameter = 31mm)

You can buy different types of silicone from the supplier cited. You can also determine your own thickness from the inner and outer piping you use for your molds. Of course the thicker the tube walls the more difficult to roll up. You can make open ended sleeves, or closed end hangers. Your choice.


I am looking to make a silicone suction cup out of the silicone cure gel you are using, could you please provide a website link to where you purchased the ecoflex silcone gel from? Thanks

If you have any complete sleeves left over, can I purchase 2 from your? If so I can pay by paypal

Sorry, I am not in business.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere throughout the thread (I have only read about 30% of it), but is this material (EcoFlex-30 or similar) proven to be safe from a health point of view (i.e. interaction with the skin or urethral opening)?

brilliant !!!!!, just have to thank!

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Does anyone have a spare sleeve over? I would like to buy one when the price is right. or make one for me? In my country i did not found the right silicone to make the mold

I still don’t understand what the bolt has to do with the making of the sleeve.

The bolt creates the empty space where you put your dick after the silicone is set. Hopefully your dick is a bit bigger than the bolt … but that is why you are using the stretchable silicone.

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